A bit about me

Let’s get this disclaimer out of the way: Warning: I’m a bit sarcastic and can be pretty controversial at times. You now read all and any of my writings knowing this and assume all responsibility for your feelings/emotions. I also might swear if I deem necessary.

Now with the legalities out of the way, I’m a mother, partner with a wonderful man (3.5 out of 7 days a week) a sister, a daughter and an individual. I’m definitely an introvert. In fact I think introvert should be redefined because of me. I really could be alone all day, every day with my dogs. A big pack of dogs. Lots of dogs and me. Heavenly. Ok, got off track (get used to it). I’m strong, opinionated, independent, yet compassionate about (most) people, animals and our mighty yet fragile earth. Ok truth be told, I’m not compassionate about spiders in my house. All this makes me a well rounded person right?

I’ve just begun to write in ‘blog mode’ after a year of writing in my journal, which happens to be my iPad ‘notes’ section. I follow some great blogs including my sister’s who writes passionately and I most recently shared funny stories via email (with sarcasm dripping off each word) and it’s been suggested several times I should blog. Now, is this suggestion to blog because the writings are too long for an ’email’ or is it because it’s a compliment. I’ll take both thank you. I do find it therapeutic. For instance, this morning instead of losing my load on the fam, I said make a latte and write it out girl. I did. Which led me to google ‘blog’. Hmmm, I wonder how much this will cost every month. Turns out nothing on Google. This I can do.

Please don’t point out or fix my grammar. I say this mostly for my daughter who is brilliant and finds flaws even in final edited published versions of books and movies. I don’t stand a chance!! I will proof, but lack of comma use, silly mistakes and auto corrects will happen. You read what you think you typed, not what is actually there at times … I’m prepared for this, I ask you are also.

I’m a bookkeeper by trade – it’s hard to say that without gagging and throwing up a little bit in my mouth. I’m so flipping tired of it. So…with that said I’m beginning a new mission along side my nasty habit of bookkeeping. Hopefully I can kick the bookkeeping habit one day. I’ll give details as I go along. It’s a process in the beginning stages and let me tell you I’m exhausted already. I also volunteer at a local food bank, weekly. It’s simply the best thing I’ve ever done for my internal self.

I hope you enjoy what I will write, maybe find some humour in it, hopefully even relate to it. Maybe you will just fill an empty moment in your day with my random writes which might include the occasional rant. Ok, who has empty moments anymore? If you read once thank you!! If you come back for subsequent reads ….wow that’s the ultimate compliment I could receive. Thank you so much for that!! (Don’t get used to those big words, subsequent..I actually had to think for a minute there)

So, here we go…..


2 thoughts on “A bit about me

  1. OMG! That thing is hideous! I’ve never seen so much glitter!

    I still think I win worst gift, with the replace battery for my romba vacuum that arrived 2 weeks after my Birthday.

    Awwwwe they tried…


    1. I absolutely agree, the trophy belongs to you!! Batteries for vacuums, no. Batteries for something else *wink wink* perhaps ok if it leads up to a romantic dinner.

      They did try and I love them both so much for it.


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