Brilliant Penis Marketing

Well done Play-Doh, well done. It was definitely time for a little bit of a marketing push. What better way to refresh the publics eye than to get in the news. Front page news to boot. If you’re going to make the news, do it right eh Play-Doh?

‘Parents Are Outraged ‘ is one of the biggest headlines I saw about the penis factory. Outraged? Really? Outraged? Wow. Others were ‘Toy Tragedy For The Holidays’, ‘Dough Pump Freaks Parents Out’. Oh it just got better and better.

I wonder if the marketing team at Play-Doh got a raise or a pink slip? I’m going to bet a big fat raise.

Here’s my take on this whole ridiculous over-exposed situation. Who cares. Penis toys are for adults. Kids who play with the Play-Doh pump have no flipping idea that it resembles a penis. None. Get a grip parents!! They don’t and won’t see a penis unless you act like a baboon and bring it to their attention. I promise you they don’t. It’s that simple. Knock off your pretentious crap and let your kids play Play-Doh.

I can not imagine my 3-8 year old ever saying as they fake dress a cupcake from their Play-Doh kitchen ‘Gee Mommy, this pump looks like a penis.’ Absolutely ridiculous!! Kids could play with the pump all day, every day, even own a little circumcised penis themselves and never make that connection. KIDS DON’T THINK LIKE THAT. DUH!!

I’m still amazed at the bad behaviour these parents exhibited. Yes it looks like a penis to an age appropriate person, but it’s not an adult toy. Let’s remember it’s a childs toy with a childs perspective. Have your little chuckle, make a few adult jokes with adults and let the kids play. After all, who wouldn’t want a toy penis?


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