Please Drink Responsibly

I’m going to apologize right off the bat for this long read.  It is something I am passionate about.  I’ve edited to try and shorten it and make it feel a lot less like homework.  Go on, give’er a read.

I try to focus on being green, work hard to afford a greener life (why is it so damn expensive to be green), feeding a family and trying to keep their toxic load to a minimum and also trying to exist in a manner that doesn’t have a huge impact to the environment and/or at a human cost. Cancer. Premature death. ADHD. Autism. Birth Defects. Infertility. AID (auto-immune diseases). Threatened Species.  Extinction.  Sexually Manipulated species.  Gene Manipulated Species. Animal Testing Labs. For years I have been trying to find what works for me.  My happy green place.  I’ll get there, I’m just not there yet.

In my younger adults years I was oblivious to the dangers of my lifestyle, the danger to my children, myself, pets and the environment.  A long time ago I was known as Auntie Javex. Does that tell you a story or what? I cleaned everything with Javex Bleach, except my kids. But if I could of cleaned them with a little dab here and there, I probably would of some days. The skeleton on the jug was my only deterrent from adding some to their bath water. Oh wait!! No need to use MY Javex bleach, my local water treatment plant has already done that for me. But don’t worry if the kiddies drink the entire tub, the government bodies have declared this much chlorine added to your drinking water is safe for human consumption. The government hasn’t (yet) put a limit on the amount of water one can drink in a day to exceed the recommended daily dose of chlorine, they just take the average consumption and add 2 points. Basically.  Nothing complicated.  Did you detect a wee bit of bitter sarcasm?

Go ahead, pour yourself a glass of chlorine, swirl it around with a few ice cubes, sip and enjoy. After all, it’s safe remember. Why do I feel a need to put a disclaimer here? Ugh here we go. Disclaimer: Don’t pour yourself a glass of chlorine or bleach and drink it because I suggested it. Just drink tap water instead.

I am armed with knowledge from college courses (environmental science) and a whole lot of research on my own.  I grudgingly acknowledge we are all toxic, just varying degrees.  Toxic defines how we live.  It is the unfortunate reality. The air we breathe, the clothes we wear, our transportation modes, right down to everything we do every day, including the food we eat and the water we drink.  We can not seem to escape our toxic landscape.

I am fascinated with the water pollution levels.  Every river, lake, ocean and sea, every one is at a crucial point, in critical condition and needing our immediate attention.  Why haven’t we called 9-1-1 for our dying waterways?  By the way, ‘immediate’ attention isn’t a ten year plan.  We don’t have ten years. This annoys me so much I can’t even write about this ‘plan’ without trash mouth so we won’t discuss the pathetic embarrassing ten year BS plan that they … Ugh I just can’t go there.  If you want a clear, odor free, ”safe’ water to drink, currently the water treatment process is our only choice. Chemically treated water.  Have alarm bells gone off yet? We have to zap the shit out of our water to drink it.  Ask yourself if you would go and drink lake water and cook with it etc? Probably not and definitely not safely.  We have to change.  Now.

I believe most people simply don’t realize how incredibly dependent we are on water.  Clean potable water.  We really just don’t give a shit about it to be point blank.  Maybe a better way to write that is, we as humans behave in a manner of those that don’t give a shit about safe, clean, sustainable water.  Better?  We are more worried about our weekend plans, upcoming vacations, Play-Doh penis’s or what’s on TV tonight and for some, just getting through a day is challenging enough, never mind the polluted water cycle.  We take water for granted.  We must.  Why else would we pollute it to the non-sustainable levels that we have and continue to do so?  Without the lakes, oceans and seas, humans and all other living multi-celled organisms will not exist.   (I’m not sure about all single celled organisms .. That’s still to be researched by me). We don’t need an ice age or a huge crater crashing into earth to take out all of civilization.  All we need is humans to continue on our current path of destruction.

What I have come to learn over the years is astounding.  What is permitted and promoted as safe is done so recklessly, often with no regards for consequences to all living beings including our earth (despite what lies they tell you).  The government ultimately has the final say for entry, production, applications and of how much.  I’m speaking mostly of chemicals, their applications and levels of toxins permitted on an industrial and commercial level.

When we really look at it, all of what the ‘governments’ have permitted over the years, closed one eye too (and they still are one-eyed monsters in my opinion) and all too often front lined toxic chemicals, are a big contributor as to why we are at this critical state.  Ahem, cough cough.  Science doesn’t lie.  I do think the government might be responsible for some white lies along the way.

I have one word for you government: dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane.  Lie.  Liar liar pants on fire. Ya that’s right.  DDT.

Remember DDT commercials and advertisements? Perfect landscapes, tastier and healtheir foods, pest free homes, protecting your children and the environment. DDT was promoted as safe and a new wonderful tool to make life better by the manufacturing agencies and backed up by the government.  Just like smoking.  Good times!  Oh go on, trust your government .. Why wouldn’t you?

I may not have been around for the majority of DDT application years in North America, but it doesn’t matter because it is still here.  It was banned in 1972. Or was it?  It is still manufactured in Japan and North America then shipped over seas for multiple uses like crop control.  But don’t worry, our waters don’t touch their waters and our food never comes from any other place but our backyards. By the way, Malaria control my ass.  Don’t even.

Each municipality has public record for testing potable water supplied to residents; Pollution levels and what those pollutants are etc.  They should also have as public record how they treated high levels of bacteria.  The list of contaminants is remarkable.  Be prepared if you go in search of the records.  In case you are wondering, it is OK, approved, deemed safe, to drink these toxins as long as they don’t exceed the levels in the water, declared safe by your trustworthy governments.  This includes pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.  In those are heavy metals.  (Mercury is one to be specific) Do you know what Mercury does to you.  Poisons you.  Holy Sh*t batman!! It should be common knowledge that fluorine (flouride) is used in the water also.  ALL government agencies at ALL levels will tell you the flourine is good for your teeth.  My response is, swish and spit?   Do you know the consequences to flourine? I sure hope you say no thanks at the dentist for your own safety because you clearly have enough accumulated, compliments of your municipal water.

I have speculated for years that the safe levels set are determined by what’s already existing in the water. Let me tell you quickly why.  First, I learned in school that municipalities don’t have the technology on hand to remove most of the toxins that exist in our water, like the pesticide family.  They can remove some of the heavy metals through flocculation, but the majority of all toxins remain.  So really what would they do if the levels exceeded?  Nothing they can do.  Second, I had a coffee with one of our water inspectors at our local Tim Hortons (I hate Tims,but you won’t find a Starbucks around here for miles and miles).  He spoke to me off the record.  I gave him my word.  The assumptions for acceptable safe levels of toxins is exactly that. (Fascinating that we have a safe level for consuming a toxin(s).  It’s a toxin for F sakes!)  I asked him what they do if the levels ever exceed the ‘safe level’  and he said typically nothing, it usually doesn’t happen, but when it does, the levels usually go back down fairly quickly if they keep the ‘flush’ on. (high levels can happen due to a lot of rain and field/farms run off into our lakes.  Our drinking water).  Bacteria is a different story.  They just shock it with bromine, chlorine and whatever else they find in the broom closet.  Ever turn your water on and think wow it smells like a pool today.  Bacteria levels were elevated or a bacteria that isn’t suppose to be there is hanging out, so the water got a shock treatment.  Drink up!

I don’t have a magic answer (shocking I know) Some days it’s all a bit too much to handle.  I have to find a balance.  For me.  One day I’m destined to be a dread lock armpit fuzzy hippie and I’m going to live off the land until I bend over vacuuming and I’m reminded how much my back hurts.  The next day I take it all in stride. All I can do is gently educate those that are willing to listen and choke the ones that aren’t.  It’s my planet too!!!

For our water consumption at home I have an amazing water purification system. It removes up to 98% of toxins including pharmaceuticals.  If you’d like more details on our water purification system just message me and I’ll pass it on.  I even have a dissolved particle meter to keep an eye on it.   There will be no Walkerton incidents at our home.  Not on my shift!

STOP! Before you put it down a drain, ask yourself if you’d be willing to drink it, eat it (bio-accumulates in our food sources right down to plants) and swim in it.  Let this thought process include the chemicals you clean your home with and the pharmaceuticals you have in your cupboard you want to discard. Clean safer, be more conscious of what chemicals you’re using (I clean my home chemical free … It can and should be done!) and take those pharmaceuticals to your local registered pharmacy that can dispose of them properly. (I wonder what that process is.  Hmmm.)  Its always nice to know that our water is medicated as I take a sip of it.

Support local and organic farmers. Use caution with the locals – local doesn’t mean toxin free.  However, the further your produce travels to get to you, the more likely it is artificially ripened.  Yup.  Artificially ripened produce. Yum.

Science tip:  When Calcium Carbide comes into contact with moisture the gas Acetylene is produced.  Acetylene Gas is then used to artificially ripen your produce while in transit.

The way I live my life is, do your homework. Always. Trust no-one! You owe it to yourself, your loved ones and our planet.

We have a moral responsibility to do better.  We clearly aren’t.

Please drink responsibly.


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