Easy-to-Make Oven-Roasted Red Potatoes

These look so delicious!!! Wow!

Realistic Cooking Ideas

Oven Roasted Red Potatoes Cover Picture
I had to share this simple and delicious recipe for oven-roasted red potatoes. Many of my readers may have already tried a similar recipe – but with the colder weather returning for many of us – it is time to get the oven going! This is a fun dish because you can experiment with different seasonings and make enough for left-overs. They heat up nicely the next day. Also use a stick-free foil to line your baking pan for easier cleanup. If you don’t have a stick-free foil, you can use regular foil and lightly coat it with stick-free spray.

Now I need a simple meal for Halloween night. Greg will start carving the pumpkins tomorrow night and the house and outside is decorated. We have pumpkin lights that guide the sidewalk to our porch. Greg will place tea lights in each of the carved pumpkins for the children to…

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