Bread. Simple But It’s True.

Bread has been traumatized. Brutalized. Abused. For most the reality of making homemade bread seems out of reach. Family life is crazy busy, work consumes our energy and we typically buy bread out of convenience.

Sliced sandwich bread should come with a FDA warning. The crap they put in it is inexcusable. Soy, Canola, Fructose. It’s a real tragedy.

Well, I have a simple diverse recipe for loaf bread, french bread or you can shape into buns for lunches. It’s fast and simple.  Trusted and true. I’m not just saying that, it really is. It’s also wayyyy cheaper than store bought junk that you put in your trunk!

You will need a stand mixer for this recipe and a bread loaf pan – or if your going to make buns or french loaf, just a cookie sheet with parchment paper will do.
By stand mixer, I mean the big mixers with the bread dough hook.


Grease a loaf pan. (Use butter)

In stand mixer add in this order.
1 1/2 cups of really warm water
2 tsp salt
1 tsp cane sugar (I recommend organic cane sugar to avoid the use of refined sugars)
4 cups of bread flour – spread the flour over the wet solution in bowl.
2 tsp of instant yeast.

For sliced Sandwich Bread.
Heat oven to 150-175F. Turn off. Boil water and pour into a pan in oven on bottom rack.

Put all ingredients in mixer bowl in order listed.  Spread the flour over the liquid mix and sprinkle yeast over top of entire mixture.

Turn on mixer to low speed. Let it get completely mixed and then turn mixer off for 3 minutes (give or take don’t stress). Turn back on to level 2 and let mixer continue to kneed for 8-9 minutes. Turn mixer off for 2 minutes. This ‘off’ is to allow the flour to absorb water and for the gluten to relax (we want it to relax then get stretched again). Turn mixer on speed 2 for 5-6 minutes. Dough should be soft and look smooth.

Remove dough from bowl, roll out a bit. Make it long enough to fit into bread pan. Tuck ends in and roll into a log. Pinching seams closed. Dust with a bit of flour on top and make 3 slits.

Let sit while you boil some more water. Empty existing water in oven and refill with boiling water. (I just use a pie dish to hold the boiling water). Place loaf in the over the boiling water and let rise until it is well over the top of the pan. (Approx. 45 mins. to approx. 1 hour)

Remove from oven – gently. Don’t bang it around. Remove water from oven. Heat oven to 375 (convection bake). Bake in centre of oven for approx. 30 minutes turning once. When loaf tapped sounds hollow it is ready.  Ovens very so keep an eye on your loaf.

That’s it. That’s all.

For french loaf, just shape into a long loaf rolling and sealing edges and do rising process but just put loaf on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

For buns, roll dough into log. Using a knife of pastry cutter, cut dough into approx. 12 equal pieces (more or less depending on size of buns you’d like) and shape, put on lined cookie sheet and rise. Same instructions for baking and rising for all 3 versions. Simple, delicious and safer to consume than all the other ingredients in sliced bread.

Love feed back when you give it a try. Thanks for reading!


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