Raising Feminist Daughters

Laughing Feminist


Yesterday my daughter told me that I was damaging her self-esteem by refusing to tell her she was good at twerking. Watching her gyrate around the kitchen in her pajamas I asked her if she was having a seizure and needed medical attention.

As both daughters move into adolescence, the tension between them noticing issues of inequality while also “Not Being Their Mother” is becoming really interesting.

Over the years, I’ve tried not to push feminism on them. I’ve invited them to rallies and marches and laughed when at age three my daughter shared in the International Women’s Day sharing circle that she was only there for the brownies.

I’ve learned not to promise that lighting candles and listening to speakers on December 6th will be fun. Otherwise I risk having them yell, “I’m bored” when everyone else is crying.

This December 6th we lit candles at home and talked…

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