The Dog Stinks

I know it, you know it and your dog knows it.

I own 2 dogs. Big dogs. We spend a lot time outside. They get dirty, they get wet and they get smelly. After them, I’m the first to know when they stink. I don’t ask people, does my dog smell? Can you smell dog on me? Nope. I will tell you my dogs smells. I practically announce it so you know I know my dogs stink. I won’t ask. I tell. Usually within 24 hours of noticeable stink, my dogs hit the shower. My Golden Retriever gets the smelliest feet ever, so I am cleaning those often. Gross.

Don’t ask me if your dog stinks. If you’re asking, you know he does. Don’t ask if your house or car smells like dog. Again, if you’re asking, it does and you don’t need me to tell you it does. I don’t believe for a minute people can’t smell their dogs when they are over due for a bath. I’m calling 100% BS on that. I actually don’t care if your dog smells, if you don’t care. I only get annoyed when the questions start flying. Do you really need me to tell you your dog smells like ass and needs a bath? No. Pretend you don’t notice or care or bathe him. Just stop the questions.

Brushing helps to keep their smell under control but even with regular brushing dogs will eventually need a bath. Food quality also can help control your dogs smell. My guys are on raw and I can tell you it’s a big improvement with breath and stinky-ness.

It’s hard for me to not love on a dog when I see them. I want to give them rubs and kisses but I hate when I need to hold my hands out in front of me like they are contaminated, on a mission to wash them. I hate having to hold back cause they just have that I need a bath smell. They will get loved on anyways 🙂

From puppyhood I put my dogs in the shower. I wanted them used to the water, the shower stream, the whole process. I didn’t want bath time to be a fight, it just needed to be a part of their life. Simple. To this day my german shepherd will peek in the shower when I’m in it and want in.

I bathe my dogs with baby shampoo. I rinse them first with Apple cider vinegar. The vinegar just seems to loosen the dirty and stink really well. The baby shampoo works amazing. Bonus: I don’t have to worry if some gets in their eyes either. Their coats are soft, light, fluffy and they smell yum. It’s cheaper than most dog shampoos and I find they don’t get itchy after bathing like they had previously with lesser quality or more expensive dog shampoos. Just seems to have the perfect pH balance for their skin. Try it. They’ll love you for it.


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