Plan To Miss A Party? Get Out Your Cheque Book.

Ok. Remember this? Did y’all read about this mom who sent an invoice to a family that didn’t attend the birthday party she was throwing for her child. The family got an invoice for $24. (Pretty sure that was how much it was). Flipping brilliant!

What do y’all think? Would you ever do this? Think she crossed a line?

I think this mom has had it up to her eyeballs with slackers. I actually like the size of her balls! If you plan to go to a party and you RSVP that you’re going to be there, show up and don’t be a jerk! Have some consideration for people’s time and finances.

We all heard the sob story about his daughter going to visit Grandma instead, but he had already committed and RSVP’d To go to the birthday party. He claims he lost the card with the contact information, but I’m sure he could of been a little more resourceful (Internet duh) and found contact information, or possibly knew someone else who was going. Just so many ways that this should of been handled, obviously ignoring it didn’t work in his favour. I remember with my daughter, always someone didn’t show. Sometimes more than one. I would get very annoyed but refused to let it ruin the party. But you can bet the absent inconsiderates were overlooked for the next birthday. I wish I would of been so genius and thought to invoice the missing jerks.

I feel $24 is getting off easy. I think he should pay the invoice out of respect for his intentional lack of common courtesy. If not paid to the big balled mom, he can donate to a charity, $24 in the name of the birthday child.

That’s my point of view. Thanks for reading 🙂


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