Canada Verses USA

I’m Canadian. A proud Canadian. Live Free, Live Strong, right here in beautiful Ontario. Yet our political family is really quite boring. I don’t care for politics at all, avoid the conversations with everyone, but I do like personality. I know more about Obama, Bush and Clinton than I do Tory, Wynn, Cretian, Martin and Harper. I know too much about Rob Ford, but for all the wrong reasons as he made all the wrong decisions.

Our political family is not personable, showing up on talk shows or writing books. At least I’m not aware of any.  I’m a fan of Bill Clinton, I think mostly because I like Hilary so much. Hilary is smart, strong and fierce. She took her man back, got her ducks in a row and made Billy Bob realize his life would be shit without her. Go Hilary! They are proud grandparents now and it makes the news. Bill has a very likeable personality, BJ or not. Bad decision Bill, but we like your wife so much we forgave you, but it should be noted, only because Hilary did. If Hilary kicked Bill to the curb, we would of all bought the same shoes and started a kickin’.  Bill is a vegan now, except for his fish once a week that he confesses he eats as a recommendation via his doctor. So that means he’s not a vegan duh!! But he professes to be a vegan who eats fish. Can’t wait for the letter that PETA will be sending him. Haha. He was on Rachel Ray the other day. He’s just so personable how can you not like that head of hair. Hilary was on the late show just to remind us how much we like her and I’m pretty sure we all want her to run for house…wouldn’t that be some awesomeness!

Does Harper even have kids? I don’t even care enough to google and find out. He’s bla to me. Does he even have a personality? Can he rent one for his public speaking? Does he do fundraising events? What does he do outside of parliament? Ahhh who cares, it’s probably boring anyways. When we had murders linked to ISIS at parliament, Quebec, Harper was compassionate and aware. I will give him that. But when he wants to assure Canadians that we are safe, he doesn’t speak with conviction. He isn’t fierce. I can’t be a Harper follower. He just doesn’t have even a little spark to him. Can you imagine Harper on Seth’s late night, or with Jimmy Fallon. Ummm no. You have to have personality for that. B o r i n g.

Bush. I love to hate me a good Bush. War slut! I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say Bush owns a gun and smokes a bit of weed with dear old Laura.  Why else would he have that perma-smirk? He does right?! I think Bush would of handled these North Korea, ISIS, and Russian/Ukraine situations with a lot less consideration for human lives. Guns a blazing = Bush. I may not like him too much, but I know way more about him then my political leaders on my side of the border.  He has been on talk shows, talked with Barbara Walters, participated the ice bucket challenge and just been an available personality you can get to know if you want. I think Bush was on Oprah promoting his book and he had my attention.  He’s kind of a smart ass actually.

Wynn. She has a weird voice. By that I mean she speaks volumes on some issues and then falls off the map on others. I think she needs to find balance. Either be an outspoken politician or shush, period. It sure would help me figure out if I like her or not. She does have a bigger voice than Harper in my opinion. She’s a little bit bitchy and I can relate to that ha! I like that she is a gay and there are no beans about it. She has handled it with such class, like of course I’m gay, what’s the big deal. She is just so cool cat about it, that you don’t even care about it when she speaks etc. Or maybe that’s because I don’t care about who she choices to be with at the end of the day. It’s not my decision to make. I know some people don’t vote for her party only because of her sexuality. Here’s a shocker for Ya, they aren’t kind atheists or kind Christians. A politician who will end up in hell? Well, I never … Anyways, I like that she is female and gay.  Puts a little bit of spicy sauce on the boring pasta dish. Is she active in the gay community? Does she do anything for kids and obesity? I have no clue about who she is. She isn’t very interesting in my books.

Obama. I do like Obama. Obama care. Oh that has caught some slack but it’s damn impressive if you think about the population size in the USA. He handles these ISIS threats with fierceness, strong convictions. He delivers a sense of safety.  False sense or not isn’t for me to say.  Canadians could use a Prime Minister who talks with conviction not monotones like he is tone deaf. Obama is friends with Jay and Beyonce. Ok über cool! He has a rocking wife. She is dynamite! You just know she is the back bone to that man. You know she keeps him in line and doesn’t give a shit that he is the president of the USA, she rules that White House and we all know it. I really like Michelle. Class. She has worldly class. She is involved with charities and we know of her charity involvement. That’s the point right? If you have a voice, raise it and use it.

I envision Obama saying shit Michelle, I have to call lame Harper today. Or maybe those two, Harper and Obama, just trash everyone on the phone together and are in ka-hoots. Maybe it goes down with Obama saying you lay low Harper, I got this, I got the big guns that Bush left behind. Who knows.

After re-reading what I’ve written, I realize it’s mostly the partners, Hilary and Michele, that I most like about the past and current Presidents of the USA. I was thinking I should do some research on Harper, Wynn and maybe even this Tory dude. Tory I could sit beside on the subway and not even know it was him. But I don’t have to research for the U.S. Presidents and their spouses…they present the opportunities for us to get to know them through simple media.

I just need to decide if I want to ‘know’ Harper and Wynn. I’m sure the information is there, I just need to dig for it. However, Canadian Politicians don’t seem to have the same platform like our cross border Presidents.  If you’re into politics you will likely know our Canadian politically family personalities but my point is (as stated in first paragraph) I don’t like politics.  I like personalities. Today I’ve got better things to do, then Canadian Poltical personality homework.  I don’t think I’d be thrilled with my findings anyways.

Instead, I think I’m going to search for a sassy, sarcastic, Atheist Prime Minister for Canada. That’s exactly what we need .. Ha! Just kidding. Maybe.

He shoots, he scores!! USA wins with a shoot out for personalities.


2 thoughts on “Canada Verses USA

  1. We had one of those. He was awesome. Then he died. RIP Jack.

    Trace and I talk about this all the time, how the American political system has awesome PR. Even when we go to Disney and watch the Hall of Presidents attraction we get moved and it’s not even our country. But we watch their TV and movies and slowly it all seeps in to our subconscious. I agree that I couldn’t tell you much about any Canadian politicians and that’s sad. I should probably know more but I don’t and it’s hard to make myself try.

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    1. Right. Hate to admit it but Jack slipped my mind. He definitely was a bit cheeky, ruffled a few feathers yet was balanced with family values and compassion. I remember the words he left for his people.

      ‘My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.’

      Disney even has a presidents show? Wow. Is there anything they don’t do? Lol.


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