Birds With My Morning Latte

Good morning. Every morning I wake, make a latte and sit at my kitchen table. I look out my kitchen window, watch my birds and savour my latte.

I live on 23 acres of beauty, I love and appreciate my property. I’m very protective of what goes on here as I realize the land being left for our wild life is disappearing every day. Every day as I walk my dogs through our backyard, it is never lost on me that most people drive to similar locations like mine, for a walk or two a year. I step out my back door.

I keep my feeders full in the winter as these are more critical months for supplemented feelings. I love my birds. Birds are full of personality. Big personalities. I have a few chickadees that will come right to me and get so close I can see every detail. I have what I like to call resident birds. They are in my backyard and every day I see them.

My winter birds consists of Juncos, Yellow Finches, Chickadees, Doves, Red Bellied Woodpecker, Downey Wood Pecker, Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal and occasionally the obnoxious Blue Jays show up. In the summer I have resident hummingbirds that return with a baby every year. The hummingbirds are surprisingly very friendly and will come so close and allow you to watch them drink nectar from the feeders. I also have Indigo Buntings that return every summer. Year round we have Hawks as well being all majestic well above us, but I’m fortunate to see them often in our area.

The Blue Jays remind me of unruly teenagers. They squawk and are bossy and intrusive. Some teenagers right? They will fly in and take over the feeders even though they really can’t perch on them. Just their attendance usually clears the area out for few minutes. Slowly some of the birds will return with the Blue Jays here. Sometimes when I’m out for a walk and they are squawking up a storm, I’m annoyed by the time I get home. They are beautiful and ‘our’ bird, I get that, but to me it’s comparable to a super sexy, tall, dark, mysterious guy who’s a total dick head. A waste right?

Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal, I have 2 pairs. Always the male swoops in first. He is brilliant red. A few minutes later the misses will show up and sit in one of the trees. It will take her a few more minutes to join the clan eating. This behaviour is repetitive for both couples. The males are so brilliant red they reflect off the snow. They just have this upper class about them and I refer to them as the Howells from Gilligan’s Island.

The Juncos, Chickadees and Yellow Finches are in abundance year round. The Yellow Finches increase to about two dozen in the summer hanging around my backyard. They are quick flying birds, playful and it’s definitely amusing to watch their dynamics. Their songs and chirps are so cute. When I’m filling the feeders everyone leaves except some chickadees. They will sit right there, they watch me, talk, tilt their heads and keep me company. As I move to the next feeder they follow me to the next bush. One chickadee will sit right on the feeder and we are eye to eye when I’m filling it. Super sweet.

Latte is done, time to get on with the day. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day 🙂


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