Date Night With Einstein And The American Sniper

FYI – Einstein is my Character name for my partner in life

Sometimes I force myself to induce a date night. We are like many couples, I assume, that get caught up in the hustle of life. A date night helps me to reconnect and remind myself why I love Einstein. Einstein claims he loves me every day and doesn’t need a date night to remind him. Well duh!

I’m a bit of a homebody but I force the outside world upon myself just so I don’t cross that line of a complete weirdo. I like to think I can function in society when I need too so I consider these little trips into public trial runs πŸ™‚

Einstein is out dealing with the public every day and all the idiots that are weaved in there as well and his idea of a good night is to be home in front of the the TV. That doesn’t work for me, so out we go.

My friend and I like this little Italian spot called Baci. We giggle, we laugh and we love our waiter Dieter. We sit at the pizza bar and cause a scene. Good times had by crazy old ladies!! The food is pretty good but the employees are the reason we keep going.

I decided to take my Italian Stallion, Einstein, to Baci, then off to the movies. Baci is at the back of a banquet hall and of course the weekend I drag us out in the -20 degree weather and plenty of snow, there is a wedding going on. We had to park a ka-zillion miles away then trot through the snow mountains stacked against curbs and dash in the door looking like we just weathered a storm. Wait. We did!

So we get seated and I’m told Dieter isn’t working. Boooooo ! We chit chat and order salads and dinner. Einstein isn’t impressed with the quality of dinner. I concur. Tonight just wasn’t the same. We eat a portion of our dinner, pay and hit the road again.

We were early for the movie (over an hour) but lucky for me, Michaels arts and crafts was right there. This is when I am reminded of one very solid reason why I love Einstein. Patient. Kind. Gentle. He doesn’t complain, just pushes the cart and follows me around. Doesn’t nag, doesn’t ask, doesn’t wonder, he is just there because he is with me and he truly doesn’t mind. He really doesn’t. He checks out a few things and is so patient and tolerant. Now. If he wanted to go to Best Buy or worse, Home Depot, that was right there also, I would of shot myself in the foot and amputated my other foot. I would of been like, why are we here? what are you looking for? Ugh!! Are you done yet? I’m admittedly horrible that way. So we cash out at Michael’s and load the trunk and he plants a kiss on the cheek. Random. Love it.

We head to the theatre. At this point I’m all peopled out. If I hadn’t prepaid for the tickets online, it would of been a Starbucks for the drive home, not heading to a movie. I’m always overly ambitious with what I think I want to tolerate. We go into the theatre, do our thing and walk to this lineup for the movie. I take a good look at my temporary room-mates. Holy old people!! I bet half these people haven’t been to a movie in over a decade. Old folks. To clarify ‘old’ I mean middle age plus adults not teens and college students. I’m impressed. We head into the theatre and find our pre-chosen seats. Right before movie starts I take a look and yup, old people have filled the theatre. Weird right?

American Sniper. What can I say about this movie that hasn’t already been said. Bradley Cooper. woooaaahh ! Where did that performance come from? I would of never seen that coming from a million miles away. Never. We thoroughly enjoyed the movie TOGETHER. You have to understand what a friggin rarity that is. We both enjoyed the movie.

Einstein has a warped sense of humour. Yes it’s his humour that is warped not mine. I like normal stuff, heavy on sarcasm. For instance humour wise, I like Bridesmaids, Horrible Bosses, Jeff Dunham, Dane Cook. We like some similar comedians like Ron White and Russell Peters, but that about sums it up for our shared interests. I don’t care for Jim Carrey. I haven’t watched me, myself and Irene but I can honestly say I’m not even interested. Flynn and Einstein laughed so hard they had to constantly pause it or they would of missed half of it. The laughing that went on was pure craziness. Just the fact that they laughed so hard only confirms my lack of interest is valid. Einstein likes Bruce Willis movies. Die Hard. 1, 2, 13, 14. When is he just going to die!!!! His favourite 3 ingredients for good movies are, a boob or two, guns and blood. Story line is optional. Boobs aren’t allowed; Flynn often watches with him. I hate them all. Sooooo not my thing. I like romantic comedies, comedians, drama and a lot of documentaries. But I also love my super hero movies. Transformers, Iron Man, Superman and all those Marvel films.

For us to talk about a movie all the way home and both of us are using positive words (haha) is quite the feat. We finally had a conversation that didn’t involve how Flynn is annoying me, work or the weather. Well done Clint and Bradley. Well done.

I woke the morning after date night with a sense of renewal, calmness and a refreshed love for Einstein. I love that I can love him all over again, just as easily as almost 18 years ago.


4 thoughts on “Date Night With Einstein And The American Sniper

  1. This made me laugh out loud and tear up a bit. What a lovely touching tribute to your relationship. My Einstein has to have boobs, cars and guns to make a movie worthwhile. ARGH! I’ll watch Bridesmaids with you any day:)

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