A New Bloggers Expectations. WRONG.

As I begun my new journey into blogging, with no real definition I’ll admit, I’ve learned a lot about what not to expect for my next venture. Whatever that will be.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m an introvert. I’m kind of a contradiction to an introvert though as I have a lot to say and have been journaling it for some time. It was suggested for a few months that I blogs as I shared some writes in email format to family and friends. For me that was a scary concept; Opening myself to blind interpretation over the Internet. I’m more than sure we’ve all misunderstood someone or something or we’ve been misunderstood via text, email or social media. It’s represented without body language and tone, there is bound to be misunderstandings. So armed with that knowledge, I made a few rules for myself if I was going to blog. Stay authentic. Readers will either like or they won’t. Simple. I’m so beyond losing sleep over the haters. (Thanks Taylor). So with that in mind I wrote my first blog. Christmas gift gone wrong. Sent to family and friends. Got some feedback in email form and a few on the blog itself. In my email is also my link to the site. Nothing like self promotion right? Hahah!

Well. I sure have learned a lot. I’ve learned I was way off with what I thought would happen. I assumed my family and friends would follow along side my writes, like and maybe even comment on a few blogs. (Pretty self absorbed to think they should follow my every blog if I do say so myself.) I have one family member, my sister following, with my other sister reading and commenting here and there. Thank you sisters!! I have been blogging for approx. 1 month give or take, which has lead to 27 followers. Wow. That’s more than what I set out for myself after a year. I hoped to get 25 followers after a year. Hoped. This isn’t to say other family or friends aren’t reading etc., I just don’t know about it as they must be silent readers. I’m surprised and flattered there are 27 people who WANT to read a future blog and are interested enough in what I have had to say and might say next. I thought for sure I’d have a bit more support not necessarily from family but definitely from friends. Weird I have higher expectations for friends than family? I will admit I’m a bit disappointed with my own expectations when it comes to support, from family and friends. But those are my expectations. I own the disappointment.

The good part about me is …. well, onwards and upwards. As Taylor Swift would say, Shake It Off.

What I have experienced instead is an amazing amount of support from other bloggers. I feel like a goof when I get an email and someone has liked my blog or commented. DING. Email is here. Yay!! Dork!! It truly motivates me to try and find some time to write another post. I feel I have been warmly welcomed into an amazing community to which I originally approached with caution.

I’ve read so many amazing blogs and I can finally say I like social media. Blogging is like a social media right?  Speaking of social media, at some point in my life I need to figure out Facebook. I have my blogs posting there but haven’t been back to figure how to critique it. Anyhoooooooo… Back on track.

There is a whole world out there in blogging that I didn’t have a clue about. Do it yourself crafts, sewing, recipes, book reviews, self help, venting, moms, dads, diabetes, amazing writers, poets and the list goes on and on. I’ve never spent so much time on a computer reading about other peoples journeys before. I’m loving every bit of it. I feel like the bloggers world is a big family tree with many many branches.  Very cool!

I also noticed most blogs have more definition. It’s primarily about poems, or recipes, family stories, new stories, historical stuff etc., I haven’t narrowed myself down yet. I have a Heinz-57 mixture in there. It’s just me I guess.  Maybe one day I will narrow it down but for now I’m good with what’s there. Scatterbrain equals scatterblog.

Thank you for reading, even if it’s once. Thank you for warmly welcoming me into this form of social media and giving me my own platform to express who I am. It’s very liberating. I look forward to my continued exploration.




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