Get Your Sexy On

I love music.  I have music for every mood.  I have a lot of moods, so that means I have a lot of music. I am also well rounded when it comes to music. Well, there’s no heavy metal or scream-o shit in my house.  I have music on all day and usually have it on at bed time in the background while I read, although lately I am trapped in Dexter.( Season 4)   When I’m listening to music, its the one time I feel completely free.  My brain is free, clear and my body knows no pain and I’m completely immersed in the music.

When I drive I rap it out and could care less if anyone is watching.  We live way out in the country so going anywhere is time spent driving.  I couldn’t enjoy the driving if I didn’t have my music.  Flyp, the teenager, thinks his mom is a pure bred wacko.  I’ll drive into the high school to pick him up with Enimem rapping, base booming and me giving it all.  He just dies.  He avoids directly walking to the car and looks around to see who is watching as he loads the crazy bus.  I’m a crazy 45 year old that can rap it out with Jay Z, 2 Chainz and Enimem like I own those the lyrics.  I’m saving funds for a killer sound system for the new Equinox as the pioneer system just isn’t doing it for me.  These upgraded factory sound systems can’t handle this 45 year old!

Then I have my days when Burton Cummings is all I listen too.  He’s on my bucket list; I must experience him in concert before I leave this earth.  Simply put; one of the best!  He’s in concert in B.C. soon.  I would love to go … I could go.  But I have no one to go with.  AWKWARD.  My dad listened to him often as I was growing up and it was a huge influence on my tastes today.  No.  I’m not stuck in the 80’s, I just appreciate killer talent.  Just mentioning Burton made me switch to his play list.  Burton won’t be in this playlist.  How do you listen to one or two Burtons?  I can’t!

So if you’re looking to get your sexy on, I have the perfect playlist for that mood.  Check it out!

– I Put A Spell On You – Annie Lennox  (I challenged you to walk/move without swag to this song)

– Georgia on my mind – Annie Lennox

– Summertime – Annie Lennox

– Seeing Things – The Black Crowes

– Stranded – Van Morrison

– Nothing But A Tease – The Powder Blues Band

– Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

– Still Got The Blues – Garry Moore

– Twenty Eight – The Weeknd

– Earned It – The Weeknd  (I challenged you to walk/move without swag to this song)

– Oh Josephine – The Black Crowes

– Love Me Like A  Man – Bonnie Rait

– Million Miles – Bonnie Rait

– That Wasn’t Me – Brandi Carlile

– I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz

– Not In That Way – Sam Smith

Go on, give’er a listen.  Now, tell me you didn’t get your sexy on.




4 thoughts on “Get Your Sexy On

    1. You’re the best. Now I’m going to spend my Saturday to see if I can drag you to a Burton Cummings concert with me :)! WOOT woot!!!
      🎶You’re mama won’t know so your mama won’t mind 🎶


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