Boys will be Boys

Remember my post about racking up points for Mom of the year award at the auto show this weekend? Well, it seems there is talk of blog awards, inspiration awards etc. I am not even concerned with a blog award.  Yet.   Find ME a metal the size of Texas for mom of the year.  This mom tolerates a very dirty teenage boy!  If he hasn’t ditched the snowmobile in the 3 feet of snow, or gone swimming in the swamp with our German Shepherd looking for amphibians, he is head to toe in mud on his ATV.

Sunday, after spending the previous day at the auto show, I was out in 3′ of snow rocking the snowmobile helping to get it unstuck from the face plant he managed to get it to do.  I don’t dare ask him to try to do that twice.  I know him.  Challenge accepted.  Points x 10,000

Spring, summer and fall is when we go puddle splashing!  Often me too yes.  If not, I sit on my ATV and watch him and think gawd this laundry machine is going up in flames later.  I’m his biggest fan.  The dirtier the more points you get.  If you can still see, get back in there, you aren’t dirty enough! Points x 100,000

Displaying IMG_3285.JPG

Poor snowmobile on Sunday.  This poor beast is so old it should be retired, instead it has a wild and crazy teenager on its back every day. Way to go Arctic Cat!

There’s been accidents.  Dented trees and bruised egos with a bit of new fear.  This mom has been the one to be persistent to get him back on the ATV or snowmobile.  Once he had a pretty good accident on the ATV, needed stitches in the chin, thank goodness for the helmet!!  I gave him his space to get back on the ATV. He ordered the parts and fixed his ATV and shinned it up at least 5 times during his ‘off’ time.  A week went by.  Still no ATV zipping around the property.  (we have a glorious 23 acres and a lot of surrounding trails).  You must understand.  For 7 – 8 years I have listened to an ATV or snowmobile every day.  To not have one in the background noise was an eerie silence I didn’t want to get used too.

That’s IT!!! I had enough of fear being in control. I packed up my knapsack, got the ATV gear on and said see yah. I walked to the shed with him following in tow, having a mini fit that I was going without him and a million questions.  I said I’m counting to 20 if you’re not on yours I’m leaving without you.  I’m pretty sure he swore under his breath while he put his helmet and gear on and then started with we’re not going far right?  I said ‘you can follow or you can stay’.  I said ‘I won’t have your fears control me and they shouldn’t control you either’ and off I went.  I did the trails around our property with him cautiously behind me.  Then when I felt it was right, I left the property.  He hesitated. Hesitated long enough for me to no longer see him in our driveway when I looked back.  I kept going.  I just knew deep inside he would come.  Or at least I hoped he could break the chains he put around himself.  In my head I’m saying, c’mon little man, you can do this.  Then he showed up beside me with his back pack and off we went in search of some serious puddles for our favourite puddle splashing hobby.  We were covered and got stuck in mud so deep we needed help getting out.  Thankfully passer-bys helped us out.

We took a drink and snack break and we talked about respecting fear but not allowing it to take over.  He listened but said little.  Then we got back to being the mud masters that we are.  We had a blast and fears were respected but not in control and a lesson was learned.  For the rest of the weekend he renewed his relationship with his ATV, on it all day and even started his jumps again and mastered his pop-a-wheelie.  Its been full steam ahead since.  Points x 1,000,000,000 right?

I don’t need an award to prove I’m THAT mom.  I’m just being cheeky when I refer to mom of the year award.  I just need our ATV’s, mud and us.


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