Carb Crasher

This is how I envision my withdrawal from carbohydrates.

Me: “Hello, My name is Sandy.”

The room replies with nodding heads of assurance: “Welcome Sandy

I shamefully admit to a room full of strangers: “I…I’m…I am a carb-a-holic.”

The room will break out in unison sighs and gasps with a recognition only us at this meeting can relate too.

Lately I’ve noticed some serious carb crashes.  It took me a while to figure out what, I believe, is going on.  I would eat ‘something’ and need a nap almost immediately.  And by nap I mean 3-4 hours of sloppy sleep as I drunkenly try to make myself to a bed and flop down and try to leave my misery.  (sloppy sleep = toss and turning all while being light headed and feeling heavy headed at the same time.  Fun times).  I am very dozy if sleep isn’t available and in what felt like minutes, I would be hungry again.  Ok, it really isn’t minutes, I just talk a bit exaggerated sometimes.

I started paying attention.  Hmm, looks like pasta, bread, potatoes, rice and popcorn all make me sleepy.  Back to my sesame street days, what do these items have in common?  They are all super delicious and full of yummy carbohydrates.  Ahhhh HA!

I live with an Italian, Einstein.  Flyp is also a natural Italian.  Not 100% Italian (thanks to his mother) but Flyp thinks he is one with his eating habits and his suntan capabilities in the summer.  HA!!  He is pasta all the way with loads of bread and meat.  Holy meat batman!!  This kid is a meat-a-tarian.  But I think it is because he is in teenage years and his body is craving the proteins.  Both of their lives consist of pasta and bread.  I make it often, too often for my liking.

I also eat a lot of rice.  I love rice.  When I make rice for dinner, I sing my song “rice is nice, nice little pellets of rice even mice will like.’  Yup I sing about rice, that’s how much I love it.  Basmati is my favourite!!!!!!  YUM! I also think popcorn is heavenly and eat it an embarrassing 3-4 times a week as a snack after dinner.   Like I mentioned above eating after dinner is because I’m frigging hungry again.  It’s very frustrating.

Side Note:  Due to a lot of corn being GMO’d, I only eat organic popcorn.  And it’s not even microwaved.  We don’t even own a microwave. Smart eh?

Does anyone just not eat carbs?  Really not eat any or just say they don’t?  Will my life suck without carbs?  No doubt.  But I’m definitely going to reduce my carb intake just for the sake of feeling better.  At least I hope I will feel better.

I also have a diabetes test to get done.  Eventually I’ll get to it.  It requires me fasting and leaving the house without a morning latte.  The fasting portion is fine.  Leaving the house without caffeine is not recommended for public safety.  WTF!! Fix your test pharmaceutical science!

Last night I made a spinach salad with strawberries, cucumbers and feta cheese to go with pasta and meatballs.   I didn’t eat the pasta.  It’s not hard for me to avoid pasta as it definitely is not my favourite.  It’s over used in this house thanks to the Italians that live here.  Pasta to me is like rubbing your leg in the same spot over and over and over and frigging over until it has irritated you so bad, that you never want to touch that spot on your leg again.  That’s pasta for me.  Not hard to never eat again.  I did eat the meatballs which had minimal bread crumbs but life was different after dinner.  It was definitely a noticeable difference after dinner and I felt much better.

Today I had a bowl of organic granola around 11am.  Not even thinking about carbs.  I almost fell asleep at the computer 20 minutes later.  I haven’t gone to look at the box of granola yet but I’m betting carbs are high.  This carbohydrate reduction will definitely will be a big change for me.  Consciously looking at and considering the carb factor is bound to come with some ooops until it becomes regular routine.   After many years I am now used to shopping peanut and nut free for Flyp, its second nature, but considering carbs will be a new learning process for me.

I have always cooked meals primarily based on their liking, rather than my own.  I would eat much differently if they weren’t around, but they don’t care for my west coast style meals.  Meals in our home need to change, for me to feel better.  A spinach leaf for everyone!  HAHA.

Direction:  For me, my carbohydrates are on immediate reduction.  For them, I will make it gradual and hopefully they won’t even notice.

Tonight for dinner I’m making honey mustard organic chicken breasts with Caesar salad.  For the men in this house, I will add a few roasted herbed potato wedges.  Let’s hope for night #2 of feeling better after dinner.

I should look into the Paleo Diet.  I’ve heard its primarily carb free.  I just don’t care for so much meat in my diet.  I’ll have to check it out.


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