Hubs and I recently cancelled satelite TV. I hate being controlled by the CRTC. In order to watch the channels I want, animal planet, TLC, etc., they are only available as an add on to another package. I’m done with that crap. Also, Einstein is also over 75% deaf (tested) and thinks the world whispers to him so the TV is annoyingly loud in our home. I’m not a big TV person, so to pay an excessive amount for a few channels was bothering me a lot. Axing satellite TV was the best thing we did.

When we want to watch ‘TV’ I borrow from the library. Previously I watched Breaking Bad. Oh Ya! That show was flipping fantastic. Walter and Jessie, characters I have never experienced in a TV series before. I’m currently involved in Dexter, season 5 and it’s awesome.

I have so many things in my head to blog out, most of which I don’t. Time isn’t on my side. Some things I am so passionate about … Well quite a few things actually, which makes it hard to be me seeing so many injustices each day. To name a few, our oceans, lakes, hunger, homelessness, birthday/Christmas manipulations (this one will hit the blog in a few days or so), all marine life, land animals, environmental issues, water supply, soil corruption, GMO’s and a whole slew of controversial and/or hot topics. I refer to soil corrosion as corruption as it is the farming practice behind it that has and is killing it. Multi million dollar corporations, Monsanto and Clark to name a few big players, are killing our soil and water supply and ultimately controlling human survival with their GMO practices. Ok, so I have to be careful here, I’ll get off on a tangent and never find my way back to the topic of this blog.

Last night Einstein and I started season 1 of Homeland. So far so good. After watching the second episode I thought to myself, the main focus seems to be the captivity and torture of a human being and the politics behind it. I’m interested for sure. I was definitely taken way back by the torture markings on his body and his visual recalls. Yes I know it’s a TV show, but I don’t doubt for a minute that there is a whole lot of reality behind this show. The fact that he made it out alive still has to be determined if that’s a good thing. We fight for survival instinctively but through documentaries and stats, suicide is high, mental illness is a given and you never live the same life. You can’t. It’s impossible. Right now in the show they are looking to exploit him for his return home; Life is glorious etc. You can not unsee what you have seen. You can not remove the torment, the terror, the scars, or the physical and emotional uproar. I actually am looking forward to an episode or two tonight.

Captivity. The show seems, so far, to focus on a character being held captive and the severity of his torture and captivity. The consequences of this I’m sure will be explosive. They have shown how his behaviour is out of the ordinary and un-human like in character. When you aren’t treated like a human for 8 years this should be a natural response to your situation. I’m glad they are shedding some light on it, for all those who go to war, experience the unimaginable, the unthinkable and are seemingly expected to return to society as fully functioning beings and leave the war that is in their heads, in the war zone. Mission Impossible.

It’s obvious our feelings of captivity and torture is that it is barbaric and unacceptable. While in captivity the unthinkable happens, you’re starved to the brink of death, given just enough to barely keep you alive making you weak and vulnerable, more willing to submit. You’re possibly told to kill another to save your own life. Beaten and tortured for any information you may have that they want. That is just the war aspect of captivity as captivity is alive in many areas. Captivity affects everyone. But no one is ruined like the ones that are held captive. It’s also an assault on your loved ones while the unknown over time becomes a part of their lives. The struggle you must have to either mourn your loss or never give up. The captive is ripped from their family, no longer able to experience their love and the inner peace that comes with being loved. There aren’t anymore walks in a park, family vacations, sitting at a dinner table talking about your day with your wife and perhaps even children. There isn’t any communication except from your torturer. The essentials for your mental well being has been stolen from your life. It must be so hard for the victim, political leaders, although aware of your captivity and assumed torture along with the rest of the world still sleeps peacefully every night, wakes to sunshine and their loved ones and they get to go about their daily life while you’re being deprived of your human rights, being tortured and forced to exist, or die, in unbearable conditions. This heinous crime is committed from one human onto another. Crushing. Unthinkable right? Can’t image it happening to you or your loved ones? Your chosen partner in life, your son or daughter? Read on.

If I’m correct in all my assumptions, no one with a healthy state of mind agrees that captivity, starvation and torture is appropriate for any living being.  Well.  Let us now transition into amusement parks.

Captivity: the condition of being imprisoned or confined.

Amusement parks are extremely profitable solely based on captive animals. Captive. Held against their own will. Imprisoned. Confined. They did not show up willingly, suitcase in hand and want to be manipulated and forced to perform for human amusement. All animals within these facilities are held against their will. All of them. They don’t have free will. They can’t leave, they are imprisoned. They are stolen from the wild, ripped from their families and deprived of their natural instinctual life. Their migration instincts has been ceased. Freedoms to hunt and feed have been stolen from them. Humans control that. We control when they eat. We demand of them to perform, learn ‘tricks’ to amuse the simple sick twisted minds of humans. The humans demand a profit from this enslavement so they can live a greedy life at the expense of another living being.

Why is it ok by most standards and even legal to hold any species captive and essentially torture it? Why are we lining up on opening day to see the enslaved animals that are held against their will. Captive. If we are depriving that species of its ability to exist in its natural environment, migrant, eat freely and hunt without manipulation and control, court and mate and have all the essentials from a family unit, that humans see as important for themselves, why isn’t this also considered torture and captivity of any species? Not just humans? If it is inhumane for humans, it’s inhumane for all.

We do not have a right to steal from the wild. Period. We do not have a right to enslave another, no matter the species. We do not have a right to profit from captivity and torture. Employees of these facilities do not have a right to profit from enslavement. In my opinion, if we have the capability to sit and watch a show with captive animals whom have been deprived of their bare minimal essentials for existence you are guilty of raping the wild of its rights and eventually guilty of murder. You know, the same rights you get so angry about when they are threatened or taken from you or your loved ones. Yes! Those ones. When you pay to enter and attend these facilities, you cheer and clap at the performances all while rewarding the criminals and sending a message of absolute approval. You support and approve of captivity and torture with each dollar you spend at these facilities. You may not have actually performed the physical theft from the wild, but you have blood all over your hands. Shame on you.

I don’t want to hear from one person they are well taken care of. They are fed enough to exist and kept in shameful comparisons to their wild habitat. They don’t have a family unit and are forced to entertain the unintelligent. Just like humans held captive. Humans that get out alive were given the bare minimum to survive but will never fully recover. The majority die at the hands of their captor.  All the animals held captive won’t get out. That’s their graveyard. How do you compare vast wild lands and oceans, migration, mating and hunting to a swimming circular lapse in a pool with chlorine, an area caged in with artificial landscapes and a previously frozen hunk of junk stuffed with pills for your dinner and wait for it, the best for last – an employee jerking you off for your sperm? This is not wild life at its worst. This is captivity inforced by humans. Criminal.  I’ll feed you to the captive sharks if you attempt to tell me that bullshit.

Captivity is captivity no matter what species it is done too. The intent and results are the same.
Humans are weak as a species. We must manipulate and control each other and other species for control and greed; This makes us the weak link in the chain. Weak links don’t last. We are the most selfish species on the planet. Greed. Take take take. But in reality, we are only taking from one another, from our children and grand children. But we are too greedy to see it.

Think before you visit captive parks. How would you feel if someone you loved was ripped from your life and held against their will. There are some who know what that feels like and I’m willing to bet they aren’t lining up on opening day at Marine Land.

If you chose to visit captive facilities, you’re essentially visiting grave sites. Do your part and take flowers. (Lathered in sarcasm for those who don’t know me well enough).

If you’re concern and aware, find a protest locally, get involved in petitions, gently educate persons you know plan to visit the captive facilities, support big voices like Bob Barker. Bob Barker got the elephants from the Toronto Zoo retired to a spa!! Support those efforts, stop supporting greed, captivity and torture. Be the change.

Wrong is wrong. There isn’t ever any right in captivity.


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