Crocheted Dish Cloth

Often simple things in life please me, especially when I discover something new I love!

A ba-zillion years ago when I quit smoking, I took up crocheting to help keep my hands busy and I’ve loved the craft ever since. I’m not super fancy, know a few stitches and manage with that to date.  I didn’t crochet for about 10 years…just stopped as life was chaotic.

I recently started crocheting again, part of my personal goal to implement small things back into my life that I enjoy. I easily get lost doing things for the family and I feel like every day I drown in my paperwork. So to tolerate all this and remain balanced, I need to give back to myself to avoid any casualties.

Anyways. I have recently crocheted and gifted a items and have quite a few parts of varying rolls left over. I toyed around with them, crocheted a few hearts, tried a flower but it pissed me off, etc., just wasting the yarn basically. But then a memory came to me about crocheted dish cloths as a child.

I crocheted a dish cloth the other night while watching Dexter. I am one big smarty pants!! I used acrylic yarn (yes not overly environmentally friendly) but
it gives the dishes a good scrub. Tea stains from my mugs are gone, the same stains the dishwasher can’t get out. It holds water and suds well, rinsing amazing, dries easily and holds up after a lot of washing machine use.

Some people use a cotton based yarn, and I will likely give that a try next time and pick up some when I’m at the store again, but for now I’m super pleased with my crocheted dish cloths.

Great gift idea as well. Tie them up in a bow, set of 3. Fantastic!


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