Dammit Bacon!!

Bacon, o bacon, why do you taste sooo good!

Sometimes you just jump off the band wagon willingly and have something that you normally wouldn’t because it’s that good, you also know, it’s not good, which is why its that good, if you Know what I mean. Although this one was pre-meditated by adding smoked cheddar cheese to my grocery cart earlier this week, sometimes it’s a spur of the moment fling with a particular food ingredient, like pickles.  Long story.

Today I have a crazy day ahead of me. So much to get accomplished that I am typing like I have bionic fingers. Faster than fast! To be able to focus on something other than what’s to eat in that fridge of mine, I needed something that would fill me and satisfy that extra hunger or cravings that comes along with PMS syndrome. It’s a syndrome, back off!

I demolished the grilled cheese. But not just any grilled cheese. A grilled cheese with smoked cheddar cheese and loads of maple bacon. Do you have any idea how yummy that is?!!!

Yup, I’m ready to take in the day! Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Dammit Bacon!!

  1. Oh yum! Sounds delish. I am currently obsessed with a toasted bacon cheese sandwich from this local diner up near my new house. They make a killer greek salad with home made dressing and tasty home fries. I’ve been thinking about it all week, waiting for it to be saturday so I can eat it. Sometimes I miss the old days when we would have just gone every night for dinner lol.

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    1. Those little diners with questionable hygiene often make the best food! We have 2 in the next city over from us, that make amazing food from scratch! I can see me there way more often once J moves out. And I love the atmosphere of these places 🙂
      Mmmmm Greek Salad!!! Love!


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