Hit The Road Jack & Hope I Come Back 🎵

I often, probably daily actually, plan a fabulous road trip across the province out to the East coast. I fantasize about driving some trashy mobile camper, hippie style, with my dogs panting their hot breath on me while I sing it out to one of my favourite play lists with no worries except getting to my next stop or not getting a flat tire.

There is no way I could pull a trailer. Anything that isn’t one piece does not work for me. I manage to jack knife my John Deere lawn mower and the wagon I carry behind it. There is ZERO coordination when it comes to do one thing to get the opposite effect. I can drive a school bus, have driven one like its my car, backed it in between 2 other buses with less than 6″ on each side, but give me an attachment and call all local tow trucks, we got a wagon down!!

My sister, her hubby and daughters are heading to the Yukon this summer for a road trip from BC. It’s a real consideration for me to go because hanging out with them would be fab and amazing. But I think I’m preferring the thought of doing my own thing and visiting the East Coast has always been on my to-do list. But so has the Yukon. The timing is just off for me to join them. Summer is just so hot and draining and bugs and BLAH. Fall is pretty and rivers, oceans and lakes are often still warm from the excessively hot summers we seem to have, so if I need to have a quick dip I can. I can’t imagine hiking in the summer, I can barely tolerate a walk in heat and humidity. Hiking in the middle of the summer does not make me think nice thoughts. I’m a sweat shirt and sweat pant kind of girl that loves the crisp cool air.

I’m way over due for some serious soul searching and a life experience. I think this fall when the weather is cool, in some capacity I need to hit the road!! It’s time to plan it, not to just think about it. Hitting the road and abandoning all responsibilities that hunt me down every day is so appealing.

Realistically I think I’ll drive my vehicle verses some hippie camping trailer, get some camping gear, maybe borrow some from a friend or two and buy the stuff I want to be picky about. I’ve heard about pop up tents..this could work well. Alternatively some bed and breakfasts could serve me well along the way. Maybe a combination of both. I would love to camp on the beach in the Bay Of Fundy, I wonder if there are laws preventing public camping. Probably if I think about it.

It’s been a long standing wish to visit the east coast of Canada. No real plans once I get there just to do my own thing. Sounds selfish, but I don’t want to worry about anyone else’s agenda. I want to walk the oceans edge, smell the ocean air, feel the breeze across my face and just take in the beauty. I want to check out the little towns, meet some locals, watch the sun set, the sun rise, the tide come in and the tide go out. Sounds heavenly right?

The Bay Of Fundy has the largest tide on the planet. One hundred billion tons of water flow in with each tide and back out again. That is astounding. In the picture on the cover of the blog, at one point during the day you walk this sand, another point you can go kayaking through the rocks.

Well, I leave this write with a feeling of excitement and contentment. Now to hit trip advisor on the iPad and start the planning!

Thanks for stopping by…


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