R.I.P. Mr. Bojangles

Mr. Bojangles, today we had to say goodbye to my little rock star!! How you have touched our lives and shown us the most amazing GIANT love of a mini lop. You are one of a kind and you will never be forgotten. That would be impossible!

You absolutely refused to play by the bunny rules. There would be no crates, no cages, no confinement for you. You were not going to sit in the corner of a bunny cage and just exist. You demanded your freedom. You quickly took over our huge screened in room on the deck and even took over the veggie garden in the summer. It was the cutest thing when I would find you sleeping under a big zucchini leaf, just like something you would see in a disney movie, only better.  Except you, Bojangles, would stretch right out like a young child who doesn’t have a care in the world. My variety of lettuce plants and kale plants didn’t stand a chance with you roaming in the garden every day, but you sure were happy when you forgot about a plant and a new leaf would grow!! I will miss washing the bunny hair off our tomatoes and looking for little sample bites.

The grocery store is going to wonder why I’m not buying you an insane amount of dandelions every week and looking for all the torn off carrot tops. The farmer down the road will miss keeping the torn off lettuce leafs for you, that she does to make her items look fresh. I’ll have to let them know that you won’t need them anymore and we’ll share some funny stories of my crazy Bojangles. You would eat at least 1 bunch of dandelions each day, some Kale and an apple and your alfalfa hay. You were a mini breed but your appetite, like your love, was far from small. I’ll have to eat my strawberries all on my own now but I will always remember who got the green leafy tops and who got the berry. Rabbit pellets? That’s for fools right Mr. B?!

You watched cartoons with Flyp in the mornings before he went to school. You groomed him and you gave him unconditional love with each one of your bunny kisses. The power of love from a pet is always astounding and impressive in its form, but you took it to a new level Mr. B.

You ate my paperwork while I was trying to get work done. You would crawl up my leg persistently until I put you on top of my desk. You would take sheets of paper and try to build a bed while I was trying to work. I would get you newspapers, but no, you had to have the ones I touched. So cheeky you were!!

You tolerated your fur siblings (dogs) drinking your water and sometimes eating your poop out of your litter box. You even got a little crazy once in a while and would dash too far from home, but Cinder (our German shepherd) would go and get you and bring you back. Then you would spend hours obviously annoyed thumping your back feet while bathing and re-fluffing your goober covered fur, the consequence of Cinder carrying you in her mouth back home, where we needed you. You were so independent and wild at heart.

You loved your cuddles with Drake and even slept with him on occasion, our Golden Retriever. Sure you got goobers all over you when he licked you, but you just shook it off and gave him a little kick, which usually lead to another lick. You will always be the best cuddlier in our family and we will miss your big floppy ears that dragged on the floor and watching you clean each one, lick by lick.

We will miss your show off jumps and your ‘puppy moments’ when you had bursts of energy and would run around and kick your feet out, stop to clean an ear or two and start the craziness again. Run, jump and kick. I will miss our morning walks where you hide in my coat and snuggle in and have a good snooze at the constant motion of my walking.

I’ve accepted you having to leaving us, as I know with absolute surety you had the best possible life and we will cherish all of our memories we made together.

You are the sweetest bunny we could ever have and thank you for letting us love you for 7 1/2 years.

R.I.P. My little rock star!!



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