Juicing. Day 2

After yesterday, I was afraid to wake up today. When I started surfacing from sleep-land this morning, I fought to go back to sleep. Nope, couldn’t be done. I woke very slowly assessing my heads level of pain. Not as bad as yesterday. So far. I haven’t juiced yet today to bring on more detoxing and I’m very cautious of it. I’d rather starve today then have that massive headache all day again. I’ve got things to do, and sitting around with a headache being non-productive doesn’t fit my schedule.

I reminded myself before my head was off the pillow there will be no caffeine in your day. No latte? No espresso? No afternoon tea with a drop of local honey? Tragedy!!

It was nice to get up today and not smell maple sausages, bacon or eggs cooking. Thankfully, Flyp and Einstein had gone to work good and early. I sauntered down the stairs and boiled the kettle, sliced up some lemon and peeled some ginger. This is my new morning drink. It could use a little dash of honey, but for now I’m behaving.

Wow. Yesterday was not a fun day. It was fucking hell actually. My head was so sore it hurt to walk. I couldn’t deal with the sun outside, I couldn’t read a book, I couldn’t watch a movie. I barely existed yesterday. Not doing much of anything is very unusual for me. I felt so horrible that I couldn’t even imagine looking at a green juice never mind drink one after my morning green juicing session. A few times I thought I was going to throw up. My body was aching and I felt like I had been to combat war and retuned home. My limbs were heavy and hard to move. An angry voice in my head kept saying, welcome to detox hell!! Payback is a bitch!!

I made a hot cup of water with lemon and ginger to help me soothe my gut. It worked a bit. Then I made another cup of soothing lemon ginger water and ran a hot bath with baking soda and lavender. Baking Soda is know to help pull toxins out and soothe an aching body. I felt better after a bath. Don’t get me wrong, my head was still not in a good place, but maybe I could stomach another juice. I was getting light headed and needed something in me, but I still felt unsure of deep dark green juice. It’s the culprit for my headache don’t ya know!!

Flyp has a sore throat so I said let’s make a super packed vit. C juice and drink up! Pineapple, pears, apples, mango. It was sooooo good. He drank a lot. I had some and it perked me up for a bit. The sugar rush helped with my sagging energy I’m sure.

My blood glucose reading this morning tells me that only fruit juice isn’t a good thing as your ‘dinner’ at 7:30 pm. I’ve had my blood glucose below 100 for almost a week and in some cases, just blow @ 98, but regardless it is below 😁 … This morning I was back up at 106. I have to be smart and do what it takes to keep it down. I think I’ll switch the fruit juicing to afternoon-lunch juice for when I’m going to have them. I don’t plan on only fruit juice very often, but it’s like a ‘dessert’ of the juicing world for me. I’m sure it didn’t help that I was basically motionless yesterday trying to not piss my head off anymore than it already was with no exercise of any kind.

My gall bladder hurt yesterday, or maybe it was something else near there. Likely my gall bladder though, as there have been times in the last year or so that we haven’t agree on its tenancy. Milk thistle and dandelion extract have become a regular remedy for me, it keeps the gall bladder and liver happy. But instead of a remedy I should of been looking for why and solved it.

My stomach made so many crazy noises yesterday, I’m so glad I didn’t need to go anywhere. Bringing the gut orchestra could of been very embarrassing. As I type this, the gut is still making noises but not as crazy as yesterday’s concert session!

Gory Details All these side effects and the detox I am in, tells me there was a lot going of unhealthy stuff going on in this body. You know what else you do while juicing? You pee. A lot. You pee often and a lot. I also haven’t really had a big poop. But I haven’t eaten anything to poop, plus previously I’m good at my poop schedule with my Psyllium Husk capsules I make myself.

I feel bloated a little bit. Again, a part of the detox, so I’ve read. My butt rapper (farts) are reduced to maybe 1 or 2 a day. Previously, ummmm a lot of rapping going on. Before I had to always make excuses to leave an area … So I could let the music out. Maybe that’s why I’m such an introvert; So my butt can rap in peace lol! I doubt it. End Of Gory Details

I have super size expectations of juicing. Not sure I have that right, but I do. lol. I know I need to change my way of thinking, but somehow I am, a little bit, expecting juicing to influence a change in my ways.
A dietician friend once said to me, “you need to learn to eat to survive. Learn to eat for nutrients, not greed and taste. Lose your fat way of thinking or you’ll always be fat.” He often says it the way it is in case your wondering.
He said “if we couldn’t taste what we ate and didn’t know how something would taste, a big messy burger wouldn’t even tempt us in comparison to an apple, pear or a big crispy bunch of lettuce.”

He is so right. Think about it. A goopy sloppy burger does sound good but only, because we know how it tastes. But if someone handed us something and it was a hot mess and they didn’t tell us what it was, would we find it appealing and deem it delicious? As I write this, I just realized fruit and vegetables are neat and orderly..is this why we would have a natural instinct to prefer them, if taste wasn’t an option?

Food is conditioned from infant years onwards. I can’t imagine the number of times I’ve said to Flyp, ‘just try it, you’ll like it.’ He usually will try, but I have to be a pretty good sales persons to get him to eat something new if it isn’t aesthetically pleasing. Even myself, I need to be convinced to try certain foods because they aren’t what I would imagine (visualize) as tastes good, and I make that judgement by looking at it. So maybe it does come down to a ‘visual’ preference.

Actually, some of the greatest chefs believe in presentation. They can serve a pile of donkey shit if they make it look good. Craziness! Wow, glad to see juicing hasn’t taken my ability to ramble on about nothing away.

I’m hoping juicing takes the edge off some things. For example, my silly need for caffeine. Not just the breakfast latte, but that afternoon caffeine kick also. By 3pm each day I’m looking for that caffeine kick and I always turn to a cup of tea. Tea is my zen before Flyp & Einstein get home. Dumb really, because there is nothing zen about caffeine. That must be the fat brain talking.

As I wrap up this blog, I’d like to be honest and admit I wish I was headed to the kitchen to make some bacon with a mushroom and cheese omelette and a frothy latte. But not today. I’ll be making some green juice, easy on the kale. Actually, I think I’ll leave kale out today.

Breakfast Juice: Spinach*, Romain Lettuce, Carrots*, Celery*, Tomatoes*, Green Apples*



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