Juicing. Day 3. The Scale Better Be F’ing Broken!!

Blood sugar is 90mg/dL this morning. I’m pleased with that progress, which is down from 106mg/dL yesterday. I would like to see it mid 70’s or so, as from what I can tell that’s where a healthy non-diabetic person would be. Ultimately where I plan to be.

Yesterday was a much better day. I still had a headache for the day, but in the distance, much like background music playing. I am also still a bit sore like a killer marathon work out 2 days earlier, most of it being in my shoulders, neck and arms. My legs tire easily going up the stairs, which is unusual for me, and I felt a bit drained still. I’m anxiously waiting for the energy boost I’m suppose to see from juicing. I was in bed @ 9pm exhausted, also very unusual. I’m sleeping better and on 1 esophageal hernia/heartburn pill a day, down from usual 2.

I had a somewhat productive day yesterday, just at a slower than normal speed. I did some paperwork (I work from home), I made a batch of buns for Flyp & Einsteins lunches, I made banana bread for their lunch/snack and popped Flyp some popcorn and packaged up for lunches. I also made a pasta sauce with sausages for their dinner last night and knowing them it will be pasta every night for dinner until the sauce is gone. That definitely works for me, less cooking is less food temptation. I don’t really care for sausage or pasta, so there is a rhyme to my reasoning.

Round of applause please 👏👏 I didn’t eat one thing. Not even one kernel of popped popcorn. If you know me, you’d know what a feat that was!! Popcorn is my absolute favourite food. I just kept telling myself you didn’t torture yourself Saturday to give in now. It’s easy to stay on track when you went through a long dark tunnel in hell and are rewarded with a bit of sunlight the next day.

I’m not sure how to explain if I’m hungry or not. Flyp asked me yesterday, “aren’t you hungry mom?”
I said “not really but kind of, sort of, I’m not sure.”
He said “you haven’t eaten anything?”
I responded with “I chew on a carrot or celery piece while I’m juicing, but that’s it”
He put on his boots and said “wow, all you would of had to do for me was show me the fridge and I’d be out.” And off he went atv’ing with a homemade bun in his mouth.

I’m craving the chewing of food. Not even craving bad food items, just the chewing part, but when I make a juice I will chew on a carrot piece, or celery while I’m doing it. I’m not starving during the day, because my body has gotten massive amounts of micro-nutrients, but I feel like I’m missing something. I realize it’s likely the sitting at the dinner table with Flyp and Einstein and our whole dinner routine. We talk about the day, or rather they talk about their day and I listen, but it’s our come together at the end of the day. I think that’s what I’m missing the most. I miss popcorn. Friday is movie and popcorn night in our home. It was hard, but I made it through. Popcorn was forbidden. Lol.

I’m not even remotely interested in watching (and listening) to them eat dinner while I drink some green trendy micro-nutrients. No thank you! I was happy to hear this morning as they walked out the door they are working late and won’t be home for dinner. (Flyp works with his Dad after school). That translates to peace for me and I’m sure A & W for them.

Yesterday I got light headed a few times but I just whipped up something in the juicer and I was good again. My stomach is still a loud orchestra and I’m assuming it will settle as time goes on. It’s not an upset stomach or irritated, it’s just vocal. I still haven’t pooped. I’m not sure if I should be alarmed or not at the lack of pooping, but I do know my kidneys and bladder still work!

Juicing is not convenient or cheap. The prep is time consuming, but I try to compare it to making dinner. Tradtionally I don’t prepare 3 meals a day, so I am really noticing the time consumption with juicing. For breakfast normally is a latte, that’s it, lunch was usually something simple, cottage cheese, fruit, or some ham and cheese wrapped in a lettuce leaf. I know eh? Why am I fat? I’m a good eater. All I can think is I have lymphatic blockages and my body is exhausted from fighting off pollution and toxins and can’t function at its best. My body is existing, much like me, and not living to its fullest. I do have a slow thyroid that I refuse to medicate for, so that doesn’t help with weight, but I know it’s not the only reason. I won’t use the lazy thyroid as my get out of fat jail for free card. The whole reason I’m juicing is to get things back in order and repair internally.

The clean up from juicing is so annoying and if I’m honest it was bothering me at the amount of pulp that gets thrown in the garbage. But then I thought, well that pulp would likely just get flushed down a toilet after the good stuff was absorbed into my body anyways. At least this way I’m saving on toilet paper to help offset the cost of juicing. The amount of produce that is consumed while juicing is shocking and I can see how it costs and easy $500 a month to not eat anything. And that’s just one person juicing. Sometimes I share my juice if the roommates want some, but they don’t drink enough to impact my bottom line.

So I’m a person who likes to see results. Seeing results should help to keep me motivated, like most people I would assume. I believe I’m realistic and I’m not an instant gratification person, but when I stood on the scale this morning and it showed me the same weight after 2 days (3days if we include the latte on Friday morning) of no food, I’m a little annoyed, either at the scale or the process. I haven’t decided which one yet. I don’t need to stand on the scale every day, even though I initially said I would do a weigh in twice a day, I’m a realist and don’t expect to see results 12 hours apart. That was the inexperienced scale person in me talking. Twice a day. What was I thinking? Clearly I wasn’t. I’m not even convinced I need to weigh in on the 24 hour time frame. I’m good with every few days. I bought some $8 piece of crap scale because I wasn’t totally sold on the scale or not debate. When I stand on the scale and look down, the simple movement of me looking downwards, makes the needles move from where it was. Piece of $8 shit!! This morning I declared I need a digital accurate scale because If I have lost weight and my scale is telling me otherwise, thems is fighting words!! Either way I want to know. I’ll check out Amazon.ca

This morning my head is better. Still not 100% clear of the headache but definitely won’t be the main focus of my day. I have a great day ahead of me and I’m excited for what I have going on. (A project I’m working on). I don’t feel anymore energetic yet, like this sudden burst of energy you’re suppose to have, but I think I could still be in the detox mode and maybe tomorrow things will pick up.

I’m going to juice carrots like mad this morning. I will be making 90% of the juice from carrots, as I was reading last night about how amazing carrot juice is for your liver and gall bladder and energy level. Bring on the orange!! My gall bladder or liver, I don’t know which one, is bothering me. Not too much pain just enough so I’m aware it is going through ‘something’.

I’m also going to look at bikes today. It’s the lowest impact exercise other than swimming for back pain and joints. I need to exercise with respect to my current conditions, arthritis and back pain. To join a fitness club is a 30 min drive each way. That’s a time commitment I can’t do each and every day. If I’m taking 2 hours out of my day, it needs to not be for 1 hour of driving to work out for 1 hour. I think I’ll have a better work out biking anyways. I have some amazing country roads I can bike on, less traffic and it’s very peaceful out here and I’ll have some words with dude at the end of my road; he can either secure his angry dogs or I’ll have the SPCA secure them.

Well I’m off to juice some carrots and on with my day!!
Clink, cheers!!!!

P.S. Lemon hot water for my latte replacement in the morning sucks balls! Not even comparable. And I sure could eat some bacon. A lot of bacon, with home-fries, eggs and homemade bread toasted. That’s why I’m fat!!


2 thoughts on “Juicing. Day 3. The Scale Better Be F’ing Broken!!

  1. JuSt wanted to say that I’m impressed and also wanted to offer encouragement. I cannot for the life of me juice or diet so I think you are a hero. I also love that you don’t use the thyroid card. It’s refreshing to hear that these days! Keep it up!

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    1. Thanks. I have watched the yo-yo of diets in my family and with friends my whole life. I won’t diet. Right now I’m making a crash attempt with juicing to detox and get a kick start on some weight loss. Then it has to be a lifestyle change. I can diet and lose 50lbs and return to the same habits and ill be right back where I started, plus 10lbs traditonally. Or I can change how I do it. That’s my plan; lifestyle change.😀👍

      Thanks for boosting up the motivation 🙂 I appreciate the support.

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