Day 4. Juicing. Kind of.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Blood glucose is back up to 112mg/dL.

I had a rough day yesterday so I made a ‘dessert’ juice; Pineapple, green apple and orange with cucumber at about 7:00pm. It was that or cheat on the program.

As you can see either way I cheated myself. It’s amazing to me how I manage to make juicing unhealthy. I’m talented in many ways. I’m very new to this type 2 diabetes and I’m learning as I go. I obviously have to stay away from fruit, especially pineapple and oranges after my glucose reading this morning.

Before juicing I never drank fruit juice. I’d rather eat my fruit, and fruit juice always bothered the inside of my mouth and stomach. Apple juice never tastes as good as that bite into a crispy ripe gala apple. Pear juice can’t even come close to a pear in its original form. Juicing fruit shouldn’t be an issue to pass up, since fruit juice hasn’t really been a part of my life.

I wanted to complete the 3 day detox 100% free of food. I managed other than 2 celery arms in my nervous breakdown mode yesterday. I juice celery so I’m going to consider it a crunchy version of my juice. 😁

I will continue to juice likely forever as there isn’t any doubt about the incredible micro-nutrient intake, but I also will start to incorporate raw meals, perhaps even as soon as today.

My original goal was 10 days, which I thought was the detox period. I read on Saturday and have read of other bloggers whom I’m following that they are doing a 3 day detox. 3 days is much more appealing to me and much more realistic. I have a long shift at the food bank tomorrow and will work hard as always. This will undoubtedly bring on some serious hunger. I’ll pack a spinach lunch and a juice for breakfast. I’ll juice dinner tomorrow. Sound like a plan to me.

I’m going to incorporate some raw food in my day, every day and it hopefully will help to keep me away from the juicing of sugary fruits. I will only eat the raw foods I am juicing until the 10th day. After the 10th day I will revisit the whole regime.

I’m going to hustle and get my work done today so I can get in the yard and rake rake rake the lawn late this afternoon and get that blood pumping.

There will be no fruit in my day today, not even green apples. I want the blood sugar way down ASAP.

How I’m feeling: Frankly, I don’t feel any different. Physically. I don’t feel like I have lost weight (scale is an asshole and says I’ve lost 2lbs only as of this morning) I don’t feel ‘better’ than before, energy wise, clarity etc. Although, I am sleeping better for sure. I was juicing for a week prior with a balanced dinner for my one meal a day, before the complete cease on food on a plate method. Saturday was major doom day with detox full blown, but I turned it back around between Sunday and Monday was ready to go. Maybe due to the week of juicing prior I don’t notice such major changes in those who do it cold turkey. Bam! No food!!

My gall bladder and/or the liver was feeling the brunt of juicing (detoxing) but the whole area is feeling good today.

I’m still light headed often during the day.  It’s a bit disturbing carrying laundry etc up or down the stairs and I’m not sure what it’s all about, but I’m hoping it will sort itself out sooner than later.

I still haven’t introduced caffeine back into my diet. I think I’ll lay low on that one for a while. See how long I can go. I just need something in the morning that is a bit more pleasing than a lemon slice in a cup of boiling water. I’ve given up milk, probably forever to a degree. Not sure what this will mean for pizza..wait I shouldn’t eat pizza. Ugh!! Even my acupuncture dude says milk contributes to inflammation and lymphatic blockage or something along those lines, so maybe strick avoidance is in my best interest.

On a very positive note. I’m PMS’ing and the cravings aren’t nearly as critical. I don’t feel the extreme need for salt or greasy foods. Actually something greasy would probably sink my battleship. I’m Trying the day with no stomach pill and a greasy input could ruin the progress I’ve made. While I am drinking my juice, I have a little bit of a burn in the area, but nothing that needs to be treated with meds so far. It has been 15 years I have been on that pill. I’ve tried to get esophageal hernia surgery, but it is botched more often than not, so their remedy is to medicate the acid in the stomach to prevent the burning reflux and throwing up, which sometimes would happen during my sleep. Nothing like waking to choking on stomach acid vomit and good luck getting that taste out of your mouth. Bleach probably wouldn’t even do the trick.

In my juice today I have a lot of tomatoes. I love tomatoes but I worry about their acidic levels. I’m pushing my boundaries to see how much my stomach can take before it needs to be shut down with a pill. Maybe caffeine was a major contributor. I should google that actually.

Anyways, on lunch break having a juice and have to get back to work. A wonderful day to everyone!


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