Chinese Medicine On Speed Dial

Blood glucose 96mg/dL. I’ve seen better and need better.

It’s been a rough few days. Yesterday I worked at the food bank for the day and it’s always emotionally draining and physically challenging. I like to think I’m a work horse, but when I leave barely able to walk, with a 2 day recovery ahead of me, it’s not respecting my arthritis or my back and no one wins. That’s how I previously worked. I’m doing better at respecting my boundaries in that manner, yet I still put in a solid day yesterday and not at the expense for the 2 days ahead of me.

The food bank is always full of junk food amongst the volunteers. Donuts from Tim Hortons, which I never eat anyways, cookies, and a slew of other crap everyone wants to munch on. I stuck it out and I feel really good about it. I felt like shit with this cold and gall bladder issue yesterday so it wasn’t as challenging as I’d like to take credit for. I had juice for lunch at the food bank yesterday, I packed it in a big thermos and took it with me. Having this cold virus, I knew my appetite wasn’t going to be a challenge. I never thought having a cold would work in my favour. Who knew!!

I have this absolutely terrible cold Flyp brought home last week. My lungs are burning and I’m very congested. I’m thinking this cold could of been a solid reason why I didn’t feel the ‘energy’ burst most people feel from juicing as I’ve been fighting a losing battle in the background. I normally dose up on oregano and probiotics when sickness is around me but I thought juicing would help me and hold its own. BAM! Sick as of Tuesday.

An update on the liver or gall bladder that I’ve been writing about with something going on. Yesterday afternoon was my breaking point. It was either text my Chinese medicine/acupuncture practitioner or go to the hospital. The pain was starting to scare me and become intolerable. The area was swollen, swollen so it stuck out from under my rib cage and so tender that I couldn’t put any pressure in the area. It hurt to sit and my rib cage felt like it was being stretched and I was getting alarmed. I texted my Acupuncture dude (who is also Chinese medicine) and asked his opinion. He suggested I eat dinner and use something ‘fatty’ like olive oil or avocado.

For dinner I made a few items, but for me I had a big spinach salad with olive oil and avocado oil on it and a small Organic chicken breast. Within a few hours I felt some relief, but thankfully most of the relief is here this morning. He said bile can sometimes get stored up and cause inflammation in the gall bladder aggravating it and essentially causing inflammation. You can also get infections in up your gall bladder apparently. With only juicing I wasn’t using enough ‘fats’ to release the bile or some thing along those lines. I’m not fully understanding (or believing) this whole juicing and gall bladder issue, as I tend to think juicing is better for the gall bladder than eating shit. If you ask me, things aren’t adding up and something else is going on. Just so you understand how the brain works, I’m convinced I have Pancreatic Cancer.  Extreme or what?  I’m still sore to the touch today but not in excessive pain. I’ve got to figure it out. If it doesn’t settle by Monday I’ll make a doctors appointment, or if it gets worse, I’ll have to deal with it earlier.

So I’m being told, it all depends on the condition of the gall bladder and liver previously. I’ve had some real fights with my gall bladder previously, and this is why if you’re going to juice with any medical history, especially with your organs it is suggested you do it under a doctors supervision. I don’t listen to the rules typically, and sometimes, like this time, it didn’t work in my favour. Absolutely no doubt juicing is good for these organs but a balance in my diet must also be found.

The week prior to ceasing food entirely, I was juicing and having a balanced dinner. I didn’t have any issues with my gall bladder or liver and figured all was good to go. I don’t always think things through entirely and just figured since all was good, just make the change to 100% juicing and it would be fine. Not always the case, as I have learnt.

Apples. Apparently apples and their pectin content are very good for your gall bladder and livers bile factory. I will incorporate more apples into my juicing. I’ve been on the low or zero apple intake trying to keep the sugars in check. But today I will change that. It’s also suggested that just apples juiced is very beneficial for the gall bladder and liver. Drake (my golden retriever) and I will be going for an hour long walk this morning, so I’m going to juice up a few apples with cucumbers prior to when we head out. It’s cooler in the morning for our walk, plus we have rain in our forecast this afternoon and I want to make sure exercise is in my day. (Unfortunately my german shepherd has to stay home until her orthotic brace is ready next week 😒)

I surprisingly resisted homemade garlic bread with cheese at dinner, baked pasta with gooey cheese and I’m still not having a latte for breakfast. It’s actually much easier than I thought. I’ve been working on avoiding breads and pastas for a while since the whole connection to carbs and sugars came along. But the milk admittedly is hard. I’m going to continue to avoid milk. The more I read about milk and its contribution to inflammation the more I feel it’s in my best interest to drastically reduce or eliminate milk and its products. Fibromyalgia is all about inflammation and it’s definitely not a fun consequence to live with, but like many things, I don’t let it define me however, if there is a way to lighten its impact I’m always willing to look into it.

Today is my first day since Saturday for having any caffeine. I’m having a tea. Just tea and caffeine. No honey or milk. I’m going to allow myself 1 tea bag a day. I’m going to stretch it into 2 different cups this way it’s double my pleasure 😉. I’ve always got my thinking cap on.

Juicing also given me the realization of how we really are a junk food nation. This juicing process and my own weight awareness has made me hyper aware of everyone else around me as well. Even habits like smoking and drinking and basically just life styles in general. While working yesterday, I thought of everyone I know. Weight is an issue for a lot of people. Most of the ones I know really well, don’t get the recommended daily intake of veggies and fruits … And the recommended in my opinion is the bare minimum of what we should consume. I hear a lot about this paleo lifestyle and I think eventually I will revisit it and tweak it to suit me better; Less meat and more vegetables.

I’ve always been super good with fruit. Fruit is delicious!!! Vegetables aren’t as much previously. Vegetables have been a ‘side’ portion or a snack before dinner – I alway cut up a veggie and put on table so Flyp and Einstein nibble on that instead of in my way during the making of dinner. Vegetables are always there, even if it’s in the form of a salad. I ate a lot of pastas with them previously because that’s what Italians like. Pasta pasta. I’ve learned I am not Italian and don’t need pastas every day lol. I actually almost despise pasta now because it’s been consumed so much in our home, which is a good thing because it isn’t a healthy choice for type 2 diabetes. These roommates of mine will eat pasta every day with pizza at least once a week and never complain. Gross eh?

Most recently, I’d say the last month or so, vegetables have become the main portion of my dinner. It’s a healthier choice that is easily made. I love spinach salads and find so many different versions to make of it. I’m looking forward to summer when fruits and vegetables taste true and you just make vegetable salads, like cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, olives with oregano and olive oil. So delicious!! During the winter it all tastes off, although still consumed, I do adjust what I eat/prepare according to the seasons.

I’d like to tell you, and myself, that I’ve lost a shit load of weight. I haven’t been on the scale to look, mostly because I have PMS and I’m lethal if it tells me something I don’t want to see. But also because the scale is a piece of shit and I don’t think it is working right. Einstein looked at it for me last night and it won’t stay calibrated, so how can I get an accurate weight? Ugh!! I ordered one from Amazon, but it’s not in a hurry to get here. Oh well. This adventure is more about getting and staying healthy than a particular number on a scale. Weight loss will come with the health conversion.

I’m off for a walk with my sweet boy, Drake. Enjoy your day.

(picture, my drake chasing icebergs in Lake Erie)


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