Juicing. Day ?

Blood Glucose: 85 mg/dL

You know what is great? I don’t even know what day of juicing I’m on unless I physically look at a calendar. What I love even more is that it doesn’t even matter anymore.

I’m not on a strick juicing, no food on a plate all day anymore.  For a strick painful 3 days it was juicing only.  If I want to eat, I’ll eat, balanced meals.  I’m making a lifestyle changes and taking better care of myself.

I actually enjoy this juicing regime and last night I had a juice in place of food for dinner; As a preference. I ate a small lunch (celery and ham) but I don’t really feel ‘starving’ anymore. There might actually be some truth to the 3 day hump rule; once you get over the first 3 days it gets easier. I’m definitely not feeling as deprived as in those first 2-3 days and my cravings are lessening and that says a lot considering I am PMS’ing. I still end up looking to nibble if I get bored, or I’m reading my book, but that’s habitual not a necessity. Today when I was hell bent on munching, I grabbed some celery arms and a few pieces of ham to give me that filler I was looking for. Celery has a great crunch and allows me that juicy crispy chomping I desire.  I’m sure this terrible cold flu is helping in the hunger suppression.

I’ve found a good combination of produce and I manage to make one that is similar to V8. Although it is not nearly as thick, it still has the taste of V8 without the salt and additives etc. My favourite combination is: celery, spinach, romaine lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, sweet onion, ginger, lime and green apples. Trust me on the lime addition, it seals the package.

I’m not into juicing herbs or at least I haven’t found any I enjoy yet. Parsley is nasty. Who eats that willingly? Gross!! I really liked the apple and cucumber one I had yesterday morning before Drake and I went for a long walk, it was very refreshing and went down smooth.

I am still in a personal struggle with the excessive waste produced. If you’ve ever juiced, you know what I’m referring too. So much pulp ends up going in the garbage. It’s also very expensive to juice and when I see all that food go to waste it really does make me hesitant about the whole process. Maybe I have a heightened awareness as I volunteer at a food bank and see the many faces to the real struggles with hunger and I am always trying to remain aware. I don’t like to waste, or have in excess of anything and try to live simple etc., I am pretty diligent with our food in our home and to have this quantity of waste does make me want to figure out some sort of solution.

Since April 6th (10 days ago) when I started the juicing as a daily routine, I have spent over $300 on produce alone. (Not to mention the cost of the juicer which was $300 CDN) That’s a $30+ a day habit. When I watched the movie, fat, sick and nearly dead, it said something like $450 U.S. a MONTH for produce to juice. Well what’s that?? $5,000 Canadian? Haha!! The $300 so far does not include the food costs for the rest of the family. It would be hard to maintain this juicing cost for a long period of time that is 100% for sure.

If the past 10 days is an indicator of the actual cost of juicing, I’m looking at approximately $1000 a month in produce for myself only. I do buy primarily organic and know I am obviously paying more for the produce, but I can’t justify juicing pesticides and other toxins into myself. Hey self, ignore that bitter taste, the one that Monsanto tries to say isn’t cancerous. Ya that one.

We always say loud and proud you can’t put a price tag on your health, but I think I’m a little more realistic about that saying. Yes, you have too. Since money doesn’t grow on trees, last time I checked anyways, you absolutely have to live within your means. There are ways to be healthier without spending $1000 on groceries for one person. Exercise can be free, walking, running, I’ll even let you do spring clean up in my yard for free! I’m super nice they way. In the summer it will definitely be cheaper as the cost of produce drops nicely and I’m motivated to find a balance to keep juicing daily. Eventually I won’t be juicing 2-3 meals a day so I do expect the cost to drop at least in half.

In the mean time I’m looking forward to more juicing and my healthier approach to life. I haven’t had a chance to get out and look at bikes yet as I’m so bogged down with this cold virus, my main focus is to get through each day with something accomplished.

Off to the lake with my best man, Drake.


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