Glycemic Index

I had a great chat with my sister the other day. Actually we always have good chats but this one she was a fountain of information. We talked a bit about T2D and how I am so frustrated trying to figure this shit out. Eat this, but not that healthy item and all of a sudden fruit isn’t my friend. She is such a good solid person to bounce things off of and very knowledgable on many accounts, so much so that I always seem to be walking away with the long end of the stick.

When my doctor first told me type 2 pre-diabetes I didn’t hear much after that. He offered me vouchers, websites and ask if I had any questions, but my response was ‘I’ll figure it out on my own.’
As I exited the medical building I dumped everything he had given me. As soon as I saw grains etc., as part of my recommended eating for diabetes I threw it out. The whole reason I knew something was going on, is because when I eat grains I feel like I’m approaching a coma state. Fast. I really don’t know why I get solitaire as I prepare to fight my battles, but it almost insults me to take help of any kind. That is, until I’m ready to ask and accept help.

I don’t have much faith in most (if any) ‘corporate organizations’ such as The Canadian Diabetes Association, as I’m sure they are funded and backed by someone they shouldn’t be; Kind of like David Suzuki owning property/land with an oil giant (which he does by the way) or like The Non-GMO Project could be in bed with Monsanto (I can’t confirm what happens when the lights go out, but it wouldn’t shock me).

At the end of the day, illnesses are big business!! Any large scale illness, in my opinion, would be similar to, what I like to call, The Cancer Corporation. The business of Cancer is astronomical money!! More people, of varying professions, make a living off Cancer than those that die of it. It’s a fact. Don’t hate me for stating the truth; Cancer is a hugely profitable ‘corporation’. I’m going to assume diabetes, to some degree is also similar in its structure.

Although I am always grateful for the research and the availability of resources, I can’t help but wonder, way to often actually, why we don’t look at preventative measures instead of treatments and cures. I have to stop myself right here because I will lose my mind if I indulge in this topic.

I did take the time to read some of the information provided on the Canadian Diabetes website and a few other websites, but I’m not ready to declare myself a member. I wanted to learn how to avoid being welcomed aboard, to not accept the badge of sick honour and I don’t want to learn how to be a good role model for other diabetics. I decided to change how I was searching in Google. Instead of ‘understanding type 2 diabetes’ as my google search, I changed it to ‘how to beat type 2 diabetes’. Granted there isn’t as much information on not becoming a diabetic, but there is enough to get me going in the right direction.

I didn’t tell any of my family or even Einstein for almost a month when I first heard I was pre-diabetic. At this point there wasn’t any blood glucose measuring going on as I was waiting for a metre and the welcome to diabetes package to arrive in the mail. It is free if you want to wait 4-6 weeks. Free? Of course I’ll wait. This waiting period for a glucose meter gave me plenty of time to research and attempt to figure things out. Or so I thought.

Since my research started sometime in February, I haven’t had any of my searches with understanding diabetes and the food I consume bring up any resulting in a glycemic index. Now, admittedly I’m not an Internet guru, but something so important as this glycemic index should be in BOLD on the front page of the Canadian Diabetes Association. If you type glycemic index into the search bar on their page, you can find information, but you have to know about the index to put it in the search bar. Duh!

When talking with my sister, after she listened to me complain and whine for a while, she mentioned the glycemic index. This glycemic index thing, it’s a distant foggy memory, I know I’ve heard it somewhere before, but I’m not exactly sure where or why. She went on to explain how it works and I was listening, all 3 ears wide open. As soon as I got off the phone with her, I googled. Wow. Very enlightening. Although what I have looked at so far is limiting to understanding the whole index and even the foods listed seem to be limited, but it’s a great start to a better understanding. To get a better grasp and obtain my own comprehensive list, a trip to Chapters sounds good to me (there just seems to always be people there every time I go 😞).

Since juicing I have struggled with my blood sugar, more so than before I started this whole juicing. I also pissed off my liver or gall bladder (heading to doctor today to see what’s going on there) but my sister suggested that maybe juicing isn’t the right approach. There are so many behind the scene reasons to Type 2 Diabetes that it isn’t just black or white. I won’t get into that whole portion of the conversation, but I focus a lot on what I’m eating and expecting big changes, when I could and should also be focusing on some other factors.  (I am already a good eater, so expecting huge changes isn’t necessary appropriate when small changes have been made to my diet.  There needs to have change come from another shift in lifestyle – with still some changes to my diet of course). Also, a good point made was, the amount of produce that is required for juicing, which all has a glycemic level so I’m learning, and if I’m using a high quantity of produce to make juice this could have adverse affects?? I decided to test her theory.

For 2 days I left the juicing alone and ate responsibility and added some form of exercise to my day; walk with my best man drake, or raking the lawn till the blisters make me stop. Both mornings I have been below 90mg/dL- one morning being 85 and this morning being 88. Those are numbers I have been working so hard to reach with juicing. Go figure haha!! Oh and get this!! Yesterday was a very busy day and while out doing groceries I picked up quinoa pasta to make for dinner (fast and easy), because the glycemic index says it’s good stuff, so I had quinoa pasta and salad for dinner. The real test was my BG this morning at 88mg/dL. Impressive I must say. That would never happen with regular pasta. Never.

I am currently researching chromium as it is recommended in small doses. Recommended by my Chinese medicine/acupuncture dude but I’m not convinced a ‘metal’ is something I need to add to my intake, so I’m digging deep in. Where? Google where else!!

I also started a vitamin B100 complex. Warning: your pee becomes sunshine yellow when you take Vit B… B3 or B2 Riboflavin I think? I can’t remember. One of the B’s make you want to rush to the doctor if you didn’t now how it would affect your urine.

Through all of this blood sugar drama; it really is drama. What else can you call this? It’s like a bunch of high school girl cells and insulin got together and were fighting over the boy they should never want. Ugh. Anyways, through all this drama, Google as been at my finger tips. I Google and Google and Google. Get this! I even Google past the 2nd and 3rd pages. I’m astounded at how much my independence, decision making and research depends on my Google searches. I’m amazed and appreciative of the availability and the amount of information that is at the tip of our fingertips.


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