The Crazy Train Stopped & Picked Me Up

Craziness aka My Week!

Life is definitely maxed out. I’m at full capacity right now and I only have time to write this while I drink a tea for breakfast. At this point in my week, I’m frustrated, overwhelmed and annoyed, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I’ve been given an amazing opportunity with a supply of free paint to take on a DIY project and blog about the paints quality. Amazing right?! Right. I had a very short window to get this started and completed as being a small construction company, warmer weather consumes any spare time I may think I might of had. We also have backyard chickens arriving in 10 days and need to finish the coop.  Our property clean up is always a big deal in the spring with approx. 20 acres of trees surrounding us (of our 23 acres) you can not imagine the leaves around here and the clean up is a HUGE job.

In our home we have all been fighting this crazy cold and stomach flu for about a month. The weather only turned nice a few weekends ago giving me less of a window to get started on the DIY project. I need to be able to paint outdoors as I am the messiest painter their is. Trust me when I admit drop sheets definitely don’t give my home enough protection from me. I walk in paint and walk around and ruin floors, I spill paint and it always seems to be EVERYWHERE. I’m a hot mess when it comes to painting. You know how you see people accidentally pour trays of paint all over themselves and people win $10,000 on Americas funniest vides, well that is me (minus the $10,000 damn it!). Two left feet, and 3 right hands that all manage to get tangled. Anyways, being sick with this cold/flu, I just didn’t have the energy to take it on. That left this weekend as my final opportunity to tackle this DIY project until late fall.

Saturday is here and I’m still sick as can be but I was determined to get this project done this weekend. I had to do some quick errands and a quick visit with a friend, then I was heading home to prep for the DIY project. I wanted to respect the company’s generosity and do them proud and get this completed. As luck would have it, this weekend ended up being a total right off. Flyp, my 15 year old son had a medical emergency Saturday and ended in the ER getting his face and shoulder stitched, glued and taped back together.

I was visiting a friend on the outskirts of town while I did some errands in the area and he just bought a new home, I was only going to be 5 minutes as I got shown around and had a quick chat so I didn’t see a need to bring my phone in with me. You know how it is, 2 hours later I force myself out the door. Into my car and my stomach just sunk. There is nothing that can make my stomach sink deeper than looking at my phone and seeing 23 missed calls from Einstein and at least a dozen texts saying CALL ME NOW. By the time I called him back, Einstein tells me Flyp is in Surgery Room 1. What?? I screamed in the phone, what the fuck, what what what!!???!!!????

I make it to the hospital in record time and I’m horrified when I walk in the room. Flyp laying on a bed, doctor at his side but Flyp wouldn’t let them stitch him up until I got there. I felt like I was going to pass out as I saw my sons face ripped up and I must of looked like I was going to hit the dance floor because the doctor asked me if I needed to sit for a minute before we begun. I pull it together for Flyps sake and tell myself I can pass out and shed tears later so I respond to the doctor with ‘NOPE, LET’S GET’ER DONE.’

I rubbed Flyps arm and held his hand while I assured him he was fine and made small chat with the doctor while I watch his face get stitched, then glued and then surgical strips applied to the remainder of his face and shoulder. Btw, surgery room 1 is not surgery as I visioned or like I thought as I was breaking every speed limit on the way to the hospital, it’s where they stitch or cast up limbs etc. Not the face transplant I was envisioning.

So we finally get home and everyone is exhausted from the ordeal, especially Flyp. He apparently asked his Dad in the truck on the way to emerg if he was going to die. The loss of blood was apparently a lot. That alone brought tears to my eyes because the thought of how much fear he must of been experiencing just crumbles my heart.

It’s hard to have kids and allow them freedoms lol. We should be able to shrink wrap them until 18 and then mail them in a box to their college dorm. Ok, you made it to 18, I did my job. But as parents we know it’s never that easy. It’s even harder to love them so much you’d do anything to take their place when they are suffering but know that also isn’t an option. Powerless moms aren’t the happiest people on the planet, this I can vouch for.

Sunday arrives. Can I just tell you what fibromyalgia thinks of sudden extreme stress? Flyp was fine, swollen and in minimal pain but true to Flyps nature, nothing slows him down because he was back outside helping with the beginnings of the chicken coop. Kids are so resilient!! I spent my day staying mobile for fear of a complete body seize lol. I went for a walk with the dogs, cleaned the screened in room and got the summer exterior furniture set back up, made dinner, some laundry, but no DIY even being a consideration. Couldn’t not even find the mental capacity for this project on Sunday.

This cold I have is horrible. It’s been a few years since I’ve been this sick. This week has definitely been the worst of the cold and only today I just started to feel a bit more energetic. Phew. It’s been a very long haul and I feel extra behind in everything as I’ve been at low capacity most days. Now I need to play catch up which will consume my weekends and make for longer than normal days. Time is not on my side this time of year.

Regrettably, I will be returning the paint for my not-started DIY project.  My frustration level is a bit high over this, as I recognize and appreciate the value in the opportunity.  Time won’t open up until late fall for me.  Ugh!

I’ve been struggling with my blood glucose since Sunday. I mean struggling. Big numbers, for me. I haven’t done anything different other than have a bit of ice cream here and there because of this insistent sore throat and my food consumption has actually been less because I just haven’t felt good. I’m the first to be accountable for my errors and wrong doings, but I’m just confused as to the high sugar readings.

In comes Google. Apparently stress, lack of sleep and sickness all rise your blood glucose. See my chart of blood glucose?. Sunday the 3rd ⬆️⬆️⬆️ the day after Flyps accident. See today? ⬇️⬇️ Much better as things seem to be coming back into line again.
Stress = Flyp needing his face sewn up
Sickness = Hell yes
Lack of sleep = hacking, sickness and stress all contributing this week.

With this nasty cold I can’t even walk the stairs without crackling in my lungs, wheezing and hacking my head off. I have not been ‘physical’ since Saturday am. Yesterday I bunkered down, went for a walk regardless of the hacking that took place. Blood glucose yesterday morning up 2 points. 118mg/dL. I know it takes more than a day to get things in order so I just have to stay diligent.

Yesterday morning I made a point of eating regardless of how crappy I felt (2 hard boiled eggs) and had to take Flyp to our doctor to get his stitches removed and check up on the other gashes that are glued and taped. It’s amazing how well the face heals itself and how awesome it is to be young. I was so impressed when I saw how it looked. I think I felt about 5000lbs of weight was lifted off my shoulders within seconds. The surgeon really did some amazing work stitching him up and he’ll barely have scars visible from what was huge gapping gashes. Anticipation of the ‘reveal’ I’m sure was an underlying stress contributor. After our appointment, we went out for lunch and I ate a Greek salad with fish on the side. Pork tenderloin and salad for dinner. No fruit yesterday.

I also got my ultra sound results yesterday at the doctor. No gall stones left in there. Everything in that area is happier now and my doctor said I likely had a gallbladder attack and/or passed small stones during my episodes with juicing. What the ultra sound also revealed is that I have fat in my liver and pancreas. Omg!! Like seriously, when is this going to end. Anyways, I’m remembering my accountability and I’m on it. (With the amazing help and support of my acupuncture/chinese medicine dude. I stopped to see him on my way home of course all in a tizzy).

I slept a bit better last night, feel like the cold is slowly but surely exiting my body and I have a tiny bit of energy. I’ve added vitamin D to my daily intake (via wild organic portobello mushrooms in a capsule). Also Chromium is now added to my daily intake with vitamin B100 complex. All to help with blood glucose, carbs, proteins etc along with other benefits of course. I also have some powder stuff to put in a tea from my acupuncturist .., DISGUSTING. I have to figure out how I can make this tea tolerable because I feel like I’m drinking a mixture of beard bacteria and toe jam. Yes, it is that yummy.

This morning my blood glucose was back down to 5.1mmol/L or 92mg/dL and I’m very pleased. It’s been a long week and I’ve learned a lot. I learned that our blood glucose isn’t only affected by what we consume in our meals, it is also affected by environmental, emotional and physical factors. I’ve also learned that getting my adventurous teenager alive into adult hood is a much bigger challenge than I ever expected.  Who would of known…

As the crazy trains whistle blows, I hope the next stop is mine to get off!😉


2 thoughts on “The Crazy Train Stopped & Picked Me Up

  1. Wow I am amazed, by the whirl wind post and by you writing this during your breakfast, how fast do you write 😉

    I think my live is slow motion in comparison to yours, but when I have to do things they weigh and the stress levels rise to 😉 I take half a day to write a post hahahaha, I’m happy the stitches are out, and you probably get more offers to blog about you Ooze energy and passion 😉 happy Saturday xxxSteffie


    1. Ha! Ya life is a bit crazy sometimes. it’s pretty easy for me to write about experiences as its just recall, but a tea for me in the morning is about an hour. I give myself that hour most mornings. Writing about opinions is much harder and can take several attempts to get it so I can post it. I have about 4 started right now but no time to polish them…

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

      Happy Saturday for you too!!

      Liked by 1 person

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