The DIY’er Tells Me Time Is Quality

Admittely I’m frustrated that this coop isn’t completed.  Mostly because I want to see the finished product and have the security that it will be completed on time.  There was quite a bit accomplished this weekend so I’m more confident it will be ready for next Tuesday’s arrival of chickens.  Einstein tells me that he doesn’t want to ‘fix’ the coop every year so he’s putting a lot of bracing and quality work into it.  I think I might of mumbled something like ‘just hurry up’ and he whispered to me, ‘time is quality’.  It’s true, we don’t want to look at a shabby structure blowing in the wind, waiting for the day it collapses, or a big bad wolf huffs and puffs and blowwsssss the coop down.  Ok, ok.  He’s doing a great job!!

We are working without plans, not even a drawing for guidance. Just an old structure, my verbal translation of what I need and want and Einsteins ability to unscramble my messy english.  So far a success, except the nesting boxes, but that has been rectified.

So far we have only bought the posts for the ground.  Everything else has been left overs from jobs.  It definitely has its perks to own a small construction company, we also get builders price when we do need supplies.  However, we now will need to purchase some 2×4’s to complete the coop but the cost at the end will be minimal in comparison to having to buy everything.


This is Flyp on the roof and after he was shown 2 shingles, he took over and completed the roof. He’s a natural with his hands and he wouldn’t not be a part of building anything.

When I checked in yesterday on the progress, to make sure he wasn’t forgetting anything, because I’m good that way, he said ‘And this is where the 4 nesting boxes are going.’
Wrong! 16 hens and 1 rooster does not equate to 4 nesting boxes. It might, but I doubt it. They often pick a few boxes and several of them use it, but I’m not willing to bank on 4 boxes for that many chickens. I explained that I needed more than 4 and why again. Now I’m apparently getting 16!! Haha. He has room for 8 nesting boxes down each sides, making it a whopping 16 nesting boxes. I said, oh good, now I can get more chickens. I was joking!! Maybe 😁


Good job on the shingling Flyp!  He trimmed it all off the sides critics! Dont worry.


The open area in this picture is where the nesting boxes are sticking outwards of the coop. The reason we decided to have them project outwards is it will help free up room inside the coop.

The entire inside will be closed up with plywood, and the wood on the outside we will be painting. The colour is still on the debate table, Einstein is thinking a barn red, but I’m not sure yet. Our home is country blue, so maybe a smokey blue is best.


The ‘sitting’ boards, you see them? Remember this used to be a rickety gazebo type thing with benches. Well that’s going to be our floor level in the coop. Coops should be above the ground. I actually never cared to find out why, but if you look at most coops they are raised. For us in Ontario, off the ground is better. We get some serious weather in all seasons, and I would think above the ground would preserve the structure longer.

The coop will now sit till the long weekend. True to Einsteins style, I will be rushed to put my finishing touches on like the roosts, bedding and mental preparedness.

I going to call the hatchery today and see if I can alter the delivery date on my June 16th order. I’m thinking bringing them all in at once is better for the actual combination of chickens. I’ve been reading how trying to incorporate new chicks to an established flock can cause some grief. So while a nail gun was going off yesterday and hammers being swung, I was trying to read all about the best way to get them to be happy quick. So many different experiences, opinions and essentially what I learned is each situation is different. So I had a brain fart. It doesn’t happen often but when it does I’m appreciative. I’m thinking if they all arrive at the same time, everyone is new to the coop then hopefully most of the major issues should be avoided. There will still be the pecking order to sort out etc., but that’s all normal and expected. Before I count on my easy peasy, I have to talk to the hatchery.

Well, I’m off to work myself into an oblivion today. So much to catch up in with being so sick for a long time.


Just in case you didn’t read the other post, this is what we started with…we’ve out in an extention as well.



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