This Backyard Is For The Birds. Literally

Spring, here on our property, means an abundance of birds and amphibians. Let me give you an idea of how many toads, frogs and salamanders I relocate while cutting the grass…on Friday I stopped counting after 66 relocations from our grass. Most of the time the turtles stay at the small creek that runs through our property, but last week I had to put the little gapper back at the creek. It was the first grass cut of the season, we usually let the grass get a bit long for the first cut just for the lush thickness factor. I won’t use any fertilizers or enhancers … It’s all natures work on our property.

I know I’m fortunate to have all of these birds and I’m always watchful to make sure our regulars return after the winter. Today, out of curiosity I decided to take note of who was in the backyard accessing feeders and perches. Ready for this list? It’s impressive!!


The Yellow Finch. Aerodynamic, playful with the sweetest calls. The majority stay with us all winter but our population definitely grows each spring. At any given time I have 20+ flying around our feeders and trees.


Chickadees. Like the Yellow a Finch, these guys are in abundance and the majority stay with us all year. They are super friendly and I’m pretty sure if I was patient enough I could get them to sit on my hand. They will sit on the feeder, chirping at me when I fill it, their eyes checking me out as they turn their adorable heads side to side.


Indigo Bunting. I only see them spring to fall. Quiet shy small birds, but a lovely site on my feeders with my finches. Only 2 are regulars. The first year I didn’t see any here and I’m hoping as time goes on I’ll see more.


Blue Jays. These guys are obnoxious!! 4 of them. They come barging in and clear the area out. They squawk and squawk. Yes they are beautiful, but why do they have to be the backyard bullies?? They are big beautiful birds.


Orioles. Big, like the Grosbeak. Beautiful songs. Only last year and this year I’ve had them. 2 so far. They are usually in the trees and swoop in for some nectar and escape back to their branch.


Red Capped Woodpecker. This guy is big too with a long beak. He sure gets his wood pecking going on. Sometimes he can be real annoying as he’ll do his thing on my steel chimney for the wood stove. The dogs bark, the echoes down the chimney and into the house are annoying, but thankfully it only seems to happen a few times in the spring.


Hummingbirds. These majestic beauties are my pride and joy. Their little propeller noises as they zip past you make you think the largest mosquito known to man is about to bite your head off. Nope, just my hummingbirds. I buy flowering plants with them in mind, and I get the drop bell plant early spring for their arrival home and have feeders out to hold them over until everything blooms. I have 3 every year. 1 male, 1 female and their offspring. They are curious, will come and stop in front of me while reading on the deck or working in the garden – and by stop I mean mid air with their wings going so fast you can’t see them. It’s the closest in the real world we can get to fairies.


I love to have my morning tea in the screened in room and watch all these sweet birds and get to know each personality. I’m very fortunate. Sometimes I feel like I live in a rain forest. One day when I have the patience, I will get the camera out and zap my own pictures instead of off the web. I normally have cardinals, but they aren’t here yet today. Only 2. I refer to them as Mr. &Mrs. Howell. Sophisticated. He is a gentleman oozing with chivalry. He swoops in, checks things out, and chirps at her until she arrives. He feeds her when she arrives and primarily stays at her side. If there was a branch to dust off, I’m sure he would before she perched on it.

I few other standard birds, like Doves and the Brown Woodpecker, but I’m out of time and have to wrap up this blog!! Oh and then good ole American Robin.  If you don’t have Robins take it personally … They literally are everywhere!!

We got a crazy storm last night and the hot humid record breaking weather has left town for a week or so. Time to get back outside and get the gardens ready for some vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Side note: I don’t want to talk about my blood sugar today. Don’t ask. 😡


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