DIY Coop – Almost Done

Yesterday was a day of great progress.  What’s left for today is minimal. The 2 doors, one into the fenced penned area and the one into the coop. The ramp for the chickens to get in and out, Flyp will construct tomorrow.   Of course clean up and then putting the lamps in for the babies, setting up a small roost for the 6 week olds, putting litter in, setting up the barrier for the age differences (just for a little while), and a few other small things and it’s good to go!


I’m pleased and relieved with the progress that was made yesterday. The paint job will obviously have to be at a later time, we are out of time, but I’m ok with that. For now. Late fall when we are down some meat chickens for ummmm…obvious reasons, we’ll get some painting done and I can house the chickens in the shed or something for 24 hours so they don’t have the fumes to inhale.


The coop inside is much bigger than I anticipated, which makes me very happy!! I’m not a person who can visualize a finished product, nor do I have any measurement relatable abilities. Seriously, I’m brutal that way. If you tell me drive 1km before you turn left, I could drive 12 hours and say, turn left now? I’m constantly asking how long is 1′ and Flyp will say 12″ Mom, and I’ll respond with how much is 12″??

I’m definitely glad I decided to project the nesting boxes out the side of the coop instead of them being internal. That decision gave us a whole lot of extra room inside. I love it when the brain comes up with a good plan and when executed it is!!


I’m installing an electric wire around the pen and coop at a few different levels, for extra protection for the flock. This way when I secure them in the pen when I’m not going to be home, I still know they are safe from predators. There won’t be any free ranging when I am not home because we live quite remote i don’t see a need to tempt the wildlife with a buffet. Plus they learn, get them once, they’ll be back for seconds and the job of keeping predators out just keeps on getting more complicated.

Next posting will be of a completed coop.  Woot woot!!


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