TaaaaaaaDaaaaaa!!! The Coop Is Complete

Woohoooo!!! Look – eeeee – here. The coop is complete. It’s ready for the arrival of our chickens. A total of 16 birds arrive today, 15 hens and 1 rooster.  There are 5, 6 week olds and 11, 2 week olds.  It will be a busy coop in a few hours!!

There is one last thing for me to do today, but that’s because our store was out of inventory yesterday so I need to go to a different store. The electric rope that is going around the pen for further protection will go on today after I get them home.

In the fall Einstein wants to put stucco on the nesting boxes, and the remainder of the plywood areas. Stucco seams like over kill to me, but if he wants to, go for it. He says with stucco it will be insulated which would be an added bonus.

Einstein had to go to work which left Flyp and I to finish up and get the coop done. The good thing about working with Flyp is he likes to get it done, much like I do. We don’t need to overly think anything and analyze it 10 times before we move onto the next piece of wood. Einstein drives me bananas with the speed he works at, a turtle would warp speed his ass in any race!!


The inside has the bedding layed, the internal pen for the 11, 2 week olds, both heat lamps hung and the boxes in the nesting boxes are upside down for now. They are all too young for egg laying at this point, but when they reach the age of maturity is when I will prepare their baskets for them. The 6 week olds will have the opportunity to just roam inside the coop.


It’s hard to tell how big the inside of the coop is because the baby chick pen is huge!! Flyp did a great job on the ramp. I was like just put a piece of plywood with s few traction boards. He said ok, and he reinforced it with 2×4’s, secured it to the coop. I was a bit annoyed and said why did you do all that extra work? He said so you can use the ramp mom. Ugh!!! Sometimes I suck. I gave him a hug and said thanks little man!!


The fenced in area entrance door has a sliding lock with a clasp that goes through it. The coop itself has a much bigger lock that will be double locked as well. Double protection against those nasty predators, especially the smart ones like raccoons that can slide locks to open things.

The blue bucket is for their sand bathing they like to do. It just has regular play sand, but I mix in DE, and we have a natural preventative and a treatment for external parasites.

Just to remember what we started with, here’s a picture of the first day it was started. It was a 6.5’w x 7’l structure. Now we have a 6.5wx12.5’l coop (not including the pop out nesting boxes in the width) and a 12×12 secured pen.


It was WAY more work than anticipated, but I’m glad the time and effort was put in make it sturdy and predator resistant etc. Thankfully 95% of the wood was left overs from previous jobs, this and that kind of inventory. Some things like the door hinges etc., we bought, but all in all, the coop cost us very little to build. Obviously, this would not of been the case if we didn’t have the inventory already.

Next post, pictures of the new hens and the Fonz!!! (Rooster)


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