Some People Bring Home The Bacon, I Bring Home The Crickets.

I had to leave the gang in the pen today because I was off and out the door by 7am this morning, thunderstorms were in the forecast and I wasn’t sure how long I’d be.  They weren’t very happy when the pen wasn’t opened for them. I turned to look at them as I walked back to the house and they all lined up, like ducks in a row, at the pen door. Seventeen disgruntled chickens staring at me. I felt oddly eerie…like I had a target on my back.

I read somewhere that chickens love crickets and also love chasing them, or is it, we humans love to watch chickens chase crickets?  I decided to stop on my way home and pick them up some delish crickets. When I arrived home, I got myself sorted and the dogs fed while the chickens were in the pen still, then put on my home attire on. (I dress like a tragedy at home – no need to be neat and tidy @ home) 😀

When we built the coop we were smart enough to make the coop door open outwards. However, we missed the cue on the pen door. It’s very hard to not squash chicken toes when there are 17 of them all wanting out and I need to open the door inwards. Anyways, I managed to get the door opened and everyone flew around for a few minutes, chirped and clucked and started their foraging rituals.

Then I bent down. In chicken sign language that means Flock Master has treats!!! The young ones aren’t as social yet .. They’re definitely taking their time, not like my plymouth rocks. I can’t walk down the deck without the plymouth rocks dashing over to me, treats or no treats.

Anyways, this is the first time I’ve brought home crickets. I don’t actually see any crickets at home, although I hear them, but I have an amphibian paradise over here so I’m sure the crickets are all spoken for.

I took the lid off and well, let’s just say I have the happiest girls on the block today!!! Miss Molly and her severe ADD got distracted after the first cricket or so. She left chasing after a butterfly and didn’t make it back to share the wealth. Haha! She’s absolutely adorable and hilarious!

As I was watching them gobble up the crickets I remembered back to a movie and thought to myself, I would hate for crickets to be my dinner or die.  Ugly choice to make.  I can’t help it, it’s where my brain goes.

When I tell Flyp how adorbs Miss Molly is and her silly stories of the day, he responds with a cheeky comment like, ‘but how good does adorbs taste mom?’  He always tries to get my goat.  One day I’ll have one or two here … Goats that is.

Video of the older girls enjoying their cricket buffet.

Keep in mind I am by no means a professional film maker or photographer.


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