A Cow In The Flock?

Sometimes I amaze myself at the lack of ah ha moments and also the abundance of ah ha moments.

I’ve been reading about raising cattle. Not big ones, but maybe Dexters or Mini Galloways for our own personal benefit. Cattle added to my backyard flock won’t happen this year but maybe next year, and more likely the year after.

A barn needs to be built. Not a big barn, but a barn that can handle 2-4 cows and some other animals. And everyone needs a donkey 😁

Our biggest hurdle will be grass. We are all trees with thick lush loom. There isn’t much grazing grass so I’d have to figure something out. This will take me a bit because cutting down trees that are huge and beautiful will be an issue for me.

I’ve been very hesitant because as a household we don’t consume a lot of milk. I gave up milk about 2 months ago. Flyp doesn’t drink milk and Einstein has 2 -3 shots a day in his Americano’s each morning. I obviously bake with it, but I am looking into coconut milk for baking. I’m not a major anti-milk or protesting the consumption at your local grocery store, I gave it up for inflammation reasons, with a tinge of I know the process is very very wrong. When I really think about it, drinking another animals milk disturbs me more than I care to admit. I love milk, but I hate the factory process and inflammation even more. It’s not to say I don’t have cheese here and there, like feta on salads etc., but the drinking glasses of milk days are gone.

Here is my lack of ah ha, and ah ha:  So I was wondering what I would do with any milk production that might happen with cows; Thinking like I’m a true factory farmer, I didn’t click in right away. Firstly, milk is only produced for when babies are born. Calves should be consuming that milk. On a factory dairy farm or any dairy farm calves are removed from their mother and given a milk alternative and cattle blood to replace the mothers milk, so all the milk produced for her calf can be sold for human consumption. If the calf is real lucky it is chained and restricted and prepped for the veal industry. Technically there wouldn’t be any milk for ‘human consumption’ in our backyard because I would most obviously leave a baby with its mom.

That problem solved!

Cost. It’s not cheap to raise cattle. But it’s not cheap to buy grass fed happy cows either. For the price of 2 steaks at whole foods, I’ve basically bought myself a calf at an auction. So many people want to make the right choice and do the right thing, but the costs aren’t attainable for most. Well they could be, but most don’t put food quality as a priority, it’s more about the car, home, closet etc., or their income just can’t support a healthier choice. It’s also being treated as a ‘trend’ in my opinion, so they are over charging for it when really it should be a lifestyle change and the costs should be lowered. Oh well, I can’t fix the world today.

So I was thinking of raising 2 cattle and selling 1 as processed grass fed beef. I’m thinking with the selling of 1 of them it would help to pay for the one we keep. Win win right?

I still have a lot of number crunching to do, even more homework and ultimately figure out this whole addition of cattle and how I can make it work.

Flock update:
Did I mention the ducklings are arriving soon? Of course I did. 2 sleeps!! 10 ducklings soon to be added to the backyard flock; 6 Muscovy and 4 Pekin. September I have 5 pullets and 1 cockerel, Barred Plymouth Rocks arriving @ 6 weeks old.


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