**CAUTION** Extreme Cuteness Inside This Blog

Well, today finally arrived and I picked up my day old ducklings. We opened the box at the feed store because the manager and I couldn’t wait to see the little fuzzy ducklings. OMG! Sooooo cute.


I read that they get to know your voice very quickly so I talked to them all the way home. I’m not even sure what I rambled on about but it was the whole 30 minute drive home.

When we got home I took them to their indoor temporary home; the bathroom on the upper level that we don’t use (too many for me to keep on top of). I took them out of the box and put them under the heat lamp and counted. 1, 2, 3 ……… Again an extra duckling, just like an extra chick in my order. Eleven ducklings. I ordered ten. I guess they don’t have much faith in my capabilities as a flock mommy. Challenge accepted!!

I did enquire about these extra birds, just out of curiosity. They said its standard to put an extra in with young orders as it is ‘common’ to loose a bird because shipping and the transition is a lot for them. I can see that whole stress causing death issue and I think I appreciate the extra buffer… Especially when I don’t lose any to stress and relocation and its a free flock member.

Unfortunately, I do have a little sweet duckling that is weaker than the rest but I’m hoping he can pull through. I make sure he gets to the food and the water and gets his opportunity at life just like all the others. I’m definitely hoping he gets his strength up and can hold is own.

When I got them all sorted and unpacked I gave them a big bowl of water to clean their nostrils and have a drink. It took about 3 seconds for bath time to take place. They are so young, they wobble and weeble and sometimes they fall down but give them water and its a party!!! These little dudes are M E S S Y!!

image                                image

Here’s the link to a video of their first bath:      https://youtu.be/pPmtTMbr7jA  (just ignore Flyp & Einteins convo in the back ground – I don’t know how to edit it out.)  and if you listen to the conversation towards the end of Einsteins questions, you’ll understand why I am in charge of the flock and also wonder wHy I call him Einstein.


6 thoughts on “**CAUTION** Extreme Cuteness Inside This Blog

  1. Hi Sandy,i thought you were looking for chocolate brown ducklings! I still have left a dozen ducklings,2 weeks old now,and just hatched an other dozen!Why didn’t you got them from me?? :)How much they’re selling them for at the feed store? I ordered some white rocks chicks! Ildiko

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    1. Hi

      I am looking for chocolates, but I’ve had these little guys ordered for a while. Back in April or May I beleive. Each feed store has their own pricing and not everyone uses the same hatchery.

      Can we talk about white rocks? I’d like to discuss a few concerns with that breed. Email perhaps?


  2. Awe the ducklings are adorable. If you’re still having a problem with the one being weak, you could try some apple cider vinegar in the water like a teaspoon or so per gallon. It’ll give them all an extra boost.


    1. Yup! They all get ACV and probiotics in their feed 🙂
      The weak one is doing much better although he/she will definitely be the runt. He’s totally adorable! Within 2 days he was perky and keeping up with the rest.

      Thanks for stopping by,
      reading and suggesting! Greatly appreciated!


    1. I had to rehome them unfortunately. They require too much water and we’re on a cistern. They went to a friends who has a huge pond for them, instead of a kiddie pool. People say these breeds of ducks can live happily without water to swim in. I’m not sure what I was thinking, of course they can’t!! They’re ducks!

      I didn’t get a chance to enjoy duck eggs but I definitely enjoyed the little terrors while I had them. Messy messy back yard members!


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