Because I can…Does It Mean I Should?


Remember when you were a child , you swore when you were an adult (which according to my calendar was taking way tooooo long) and could do anything you wanted, you would?

I think I was defiant from the day I was born.  I was going to stay out after dark every single night.  I was going to go to bed when I wanted or even if I wanted.  I was never planning on cleaning the bathroom and who cares if the dishes ever got done.  I was going to talk on the phone for hours to my friends and just to be extra defiant, I wasn’t going to answer the other line when it beeped.  Defiance right there 🙂  I was going to have purple hair, be covered in butterfly tattoos, but just the temporary tattoos of course.  I will wear my shorts as short as I wanted and dammit I was going to wear a ripped t-shirt every day of the week.  I was going to take a basket and skip through orchards collecting apples, pears, peaches and cherries as my HIGH PAYING job.  In my spare time I was going to swim with wild orcas who would of course wait for me in the bay.  The bay of what I don’t know because I live in Ontario with lakes.  HAH!  I was going to eat candy whenever I wanted and especially before unstructured meals.  *GASP*

Meal structure was a simple item to rebel against, but I was met with opposition everywhere I went.  I recall being at my grandparents home often and it was a bowl of cereal for breakfast.  Or toast with jam.  I was not allowed deep fried French fries no matter where I slept and had breakfast.

The rules around meals were meant to be broken and the defiant kid in me will rule the world, or at least I will rule my meal time when I am all grown up and ultimately I will be the boss of me.

As an adult, I realize how influenced the parental adult brain is with the concept of preferred food items for each meal time and truly is very structured for anyone willing to obey.  This structured meal concept is passed on from generation to generation.

Breakfast is cereal, toast, eggs, fruit etc. You know, we have all seen the recommendations, even on school display boards starting, classroom walls in pre-kindergarten.  On daycare kitchen walls.  In hospital cafeterias, in school cafeterias, in diabetes clinics and so forth.  You know where it isn’t?  In my home.   Is it a recommendation? Or is it here let us control the dairy industry, poultry, cattle and so forth, contributions into each home, on the dinner plate.  No need to think for yourself, the government is always willing to do it for you.  Ok, I promised myself I would not get political in this post, so back to the topic.

Lunch should be a sandwich on whole grain bread, wrap, salad, juice, fruit, veggie sticks, water.  Those sorts of items.

Dinner should be a meat protein, (back off vegans/vegetarians, eat your tofu in the corner and be quiet over there), carb such as potato or rice and veggies, salad, water, milk.  Don’t forget that big old glass of cold milk.
You are welcome dairy industry for that push.

I told myself so many times as a young one “when I grow up” I will eat Oreos for breakfast.  Chips and my current favourite chocolate bar for lunch.  Popcorn for dinner.  I love popcorn so even breakfast and lunch is a suitable option.  I will eat when I want and what I want.  I recall in my childhood mind, that these choices and their health implications don’t apply to me.

But, here I am in. In adulthood and all those childhood promises to myself are not even a concern. Why? Because I truly can.  I can have candy before meals.  I can stay out after dark.  I can have purple hair and all the butterfly lick on tattoos I want.  Yes, I used to lick them on; no need for a wet cloth with this girl.

Today, as a practicing adult, I am just happy with a good cup of coffee sitting on my front porch watching and listening to nature when I wake up.  Who cares about Oreos for breakfast. Just give me good COFFEE.  COFFEE.  COFFEE.

However, every now and then I get a wee bit hungry for something to go with my liquid energizer in the morning.  There was a day earlier this week that was so stinking hot, humid and gross that the thought of anything other than a bowl of ice cream seemed unacceptable and almost intolerable for consumption. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the inner child appeared.   We, the adult me with the child me, decided we will have a big bowl of chocolate ice cream with sliced bananas for breakfast.  Brilliant!  Thank you inner child for the collaboration!

My daughter (who is 27 now) loved to have cookies smashed into milk for breakfast.  A gross sludge looking concoction in a big oversized mug.  GAG! I let her. Yup, as a responsible adult parent, I allowed the cookie slop for breakfast.  Why not?  I know, mother of the year right there right?  I had in my back pocket, the security that she was a fantastic eater, veggies, fruit, and a balanced diet and knowing soggy cookies wasn’t her choice every day I was fine when she did eat it.  She also taught her much younger brother the love of smashed cookie slop for breakfast or a great movie time snack.  I personally can’t be bothered to even try it, its gross in my books, but hey, if you like smashed soggy cookies drowning in milk, be my guest.  My son (who is now 17) loves eggs.  He eats eggs a lot. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Eggs aren’t just for breakfast in case you haven’t heard.  I believe we as a society, welcomed the versatility of eggs many years ago (also influenced by the poultry industry to increase egg consumption <– shit, sorry got political again).

So if you are hankering for some ice cream for breakfast, go ahead, listen to your inner child.  It is OK to step away from the embedded food schedule that Health Canada and their ‘professional’ structure has influenced onto our very own kitchen tables.

I think I’ll have popcorn for dinner tonight.  Extra butter! Just because I can.

(photo compliments of google images.  I was too busy eating my ice cream breakfast to think to snap a photo.)




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